Ready for Ajax – Real Madrid on February 13th

In less than a week, it will be time for the fantastic match between Ajax and Real Madrid at Amsterdam Arena in Amsterdam. Are you going to be there in person?

The people of Amsterdam weren’t to happy about getting Real Madrid as their opponent in the first stage of the knockout part of the Champions League in 2018-19. But, with an Ajax team in great shape and with lots of good results behind them, what better team to beat than Real Madrid?

Ajax will play against Real Madrid on February 12th
Ajax will play against Real Madrid on February 13th

The first match between the teams will be played at Amsterdam Arena on February 12th and it will start around 21.00. It will be an amazing game, and we truly cheer for Ajax to beat the crap out of the team from Madrid. But, it isn’t going to be easy as Real Madrid has been playing fairly well recently, and they just played 1-1 against Barcelona at Nou Camp. In addition, Karim Benzema seems to get a hold of hitting the net, so the team from Amsterdam might want to watch especially out for him.

What to expect at the Amsterdam Arena

The fantastic venue in Amsterdam has space for more than 50,000 people, and it will for sure be packed on February 13th. Did you know that this amazing stadium actually has a retractable roof, and it takes around 20 minutes to open or to close it. That is kind of cool, isn’t it? It was the first stadium in Europe to have such a roof above their stadium.

None of the players at the Real Madrid team now were present at the stadium in 1998, but back then, Real Madrid won a Champions League final against Juventus at this very stadium (1-0).

Where to watch Ajax – Real Madrid?

You can watch the match at the actual stadium (instructions on how to get there will come later). But, if you cannot be there at the stadium, the match will be shown at all the sports pubs and restaurants around town. If you’d rather just sit on your own and watch it on your computer or tablet, you can read more about how and where to stream Ajax – Real Madrid online in this article.

How to get to Amsterdam Arena?

Are you going to the match between Ajax and Real Madrid, but wonder how you can actually get to Amsterdam Arena? It is very easy!

The fastest way to get to the stadium is by taking a train from Amsterdam Central to the station named Bijlmer ArenA. This is a ride that takes around 15 minutes, and you will be just by the stadium as you leave the train.

If you want to use the metro instead, travel with metro 54 from the center of Amsterdam to the stop with the same name, and you will get to the stadium quickly (though a little bit slower than you would taking the train).

The exact address of the venue is ArenA Boulevard 1, 1101 AX Amsterdam.

Go for it Dusan Tadic, Klaas Jan Huntelaar, Hakim Ziyech, Donny van de Beek and Kasper Dolberg!

These are the guys who have scored most goals for Ajax so far this season. Dusan Tadic has a total of 22 goals so far, while Huntelaar has scored 15 goals, and Ziyech following with 14 goals. That is a lot of goals, meaning that Ajax is a team that should be watched out for.

As we wrote earlier, Karim Benzema is the Real Madrid player with most goals so far this season (18 in total). Behind him comes Gareth Bale (11), and then the defender Sergio Ramos (10).

Amsterdam Marathon 2018

TCS Amsterdam Marathon is the biggest running event in the Netherlands every year. In 2018, the marathon will be arranged on October 21st.

Are you a runner? Maybe you have been practicing for a while, but still, feel incapable of running an entire marathon? There are several possibilities if you want to take part in the TCS Amsterdam Marathon in 2018.

Amsterdam Marathon 2018

On October 21st there will be a total of five races arranged in Amsterdam. The main event is, of course, the TCS Marathon. This is open for 16,500 participants. Then comes the Mizuno Half Marathon (which is available for 18,500 people). If running a half-marathon seems scary as well, maybe the 8K run is more like something for you. This race is open for 8000 participants.

For the younger generation, there will be two different races arranged. There is a so-called kids-run, and then there is the mini-marathon.

There should be something for every generation, and something for all kind of athletes, so make sure to join in if you want to discover Amsterdam while running.

If you want to take part, make sure to register as soon as possible because it will most likely get full very soon. Registration has been open since November last year.

Want to read more about other events and happenings in Amsterdam? Read through our Amsterdam Guide at to find ideas, inspiration, and useful travel information.

Bitcoin in Amsterdam

Would you like to spend Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Amsterdam? It ain’t gonna be easy, but there are a few places that can help you get rid of some digital currency.

Bitcoin payment in Amsterdam

Bitcoin payment in Amsterdam

There are quite a lot of articles on the Internet presenting places in Amsterdam accepting Bitcoin. We have, of course, read through those articles, and then contacted the places mentioned in those articles to see if they still accept Bitcoin as a payment method. It is a well-known fact that Bitcoin is expensive to use and it is slow, and for that reason, it isn’t really working well as a payment method if you want to buy two cups of coffee. One year ago it was quicker and cheaper, now it is slower and more expensive, and thus we had a feeling that places that once accepted Bitcoin, might have stopped since then.

We sent out emails to quite a lot of places that once accepted Bitcoin in Amsterdam, and these are the answers we got.

Cocomama Hostel: “We used to accept bitcoin payments, although not anymore. Now we only accept card payments.”

Labeled with Trust:No, unfortunately, we no longer accept Bitcoin as there was no demand for it. “

Filmhuis Cavia:Yes, we still accept Bitcoin.

We are still waiting for answers from more places, and we will update this article as soon as we receive them.

Places accepting Bitcoin in Amsterdam

  • Filmhuis Cavia – website
    Watch interesting movies that you cannot see in a standard theater.
  • Bitcoin Embassy – website
    A place to learn about Bitcoin, drink a cup of coffee, buy crypto-gadgets, eat a steak, and to spend your Bitcoin.

Do you want to know more about Bitcoin while in Amsterdam? There is a monthly meetup in Amsterdam named “Bitcoin Wednesday” and it has been going on for years. Find out more about these meetups at

Do you know more places accepting Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in Amsterdam?

Do you know a place in Amsterdam that accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, please write a comment beneath. We will update this article regularly, and hopefully, it will become an up to date list presenting locations in Amsterdam accepting different cryptocurrencies as payments methods.

We thank you already for your help!


Shakira concert in Amsterdam

Shakira concert in AmsterdamOn a sweet Thursday in Amsterdam, Shakira will perform in the fantastic Ziggo Dome? Which Thursday? November 14th! Would you like to be there?

Shakira will only visit a couple of cities in Europe in 2017, and one of those cities is Amsterdam. When she comes to the Dutch capital, she will arrive after one concert in Cologne, two in Paris and one in Antwerpen. As she leaves Amsterdam, the singer will head towards Montpellier in France.

All the mentioned cities are nice places to visit, but why not visit Amsterdam on November 14th? You can start the day on your bicycle, discover the city, look at some art in one of the beautiful art museums, and then head towards the Ziggo Dome in the evening after eating a nice meal in an Amsterdam restaurant? Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Would you like to be there at the Shakira concert in Amsterdam? You can buy tickets for the event using the ticket link beneath.

Shakira Amsterdam 2017

November 14th, 20.00

Tickets: Viagogo

Would you like to know more about the city of Amsterdam? Look around here in our Amsterdam Guide!

Ajax vs. Rosenborg, Europe League qualification

Last year Ajax Amsterdam got all the way to the Europe League final. This year they can play in the Europe League again, but first, they have to beat Rosenborg in the last qualification round.

A couple of days ago both Ajax Amsterdam and Rosenborg played for a spot in the Champions League. Neither of the teams succeeded, as Rosenborg lost 1-0 to Celtic (after two matches), and Ajax played 3-3 against the French team Nice. As Nice scored two goals in Amsterdam, they won based on more away-goals scored than Ajax.

Ajax was close at beating Nice. Ten minutes before the second match finished, they were in the lead with 2-1. But, that was when Vincent Marcel scored a goal for Nice, and thus they qualified for the last stage in the qualification round for Champions League, while Ajax was “relegated” to the Europe League qualification.

Ajax vs Rosenborg

Can Ajax beat Rosenborg on August 17th? By Ververidis Vasilis – Shutterstock

Ajax vs. Rosenborg

The first match between Ajax and Rosenborg will be played at Amsterdam Arena on August 17th. Ajax is major favorites in front of the game, especially considering Rosenborg’s poor results lately, and not being able to score goals. They once were a giant in Europe, but that is history. In their team, they have the Danish super-striker Nicklas Bendtner, who once was one of the best in Europe, but those days are history. If Bendtner, however, would get back some of his old greatness, he could be a guy able to give RBK a victory in this match, against all odds.

The return match will be played in Trondheim one week later, on August 24th. The winning team will qualify for the Europe League group stage, while the loser will look forward to an autumn with football only in their domestic league.

If Ajax loses these matches, it will be a total disaster for the club fighting to get back among the top teams in Europe. Are you eager to watch the match between Ajax and Rosenborg on August 17th? Read more about Ajax Amsterdam and where to buy tickets for their matches here.

Would you like to watch the different Europe Leagues matches online? You can find more instructions on how to stream Europe League online here. Those instructions will first turn valid during the group stage.

What else to do in Amsterdam?

What are you gonna do in Amsterdam before and after the match? There are lots of exciting activities in Amsterdam. If you like art, then the Van Gogh and the Rembrandt museum should be considered real candy. Some people might think that a typical football-fan doesn’t care about art, but that is a false stereotype, that isn’t true at all. So why not visit an art museum before the match? And when you are finished, why not enjoy a canal cruise on the canals of Amsterdam?

Read more about cool programs, activities, and attractions in Amsterdam here in our Amsterdam Guide.

UEFA EURO 2017 in Holland

The Netherlands will arrange the UEFA Euro 2017 in the period between July 16th and August 6th. The matches will be played at venues in seven different cities, but unfortunately Amsterdam isn’t one of those.

Female football has for a long time been despised and looked down at, but things might be changing. When the Dutch team will enter the field to play their group stage matches, all tickets have already been sold out, about a week before it will even start.

The dutch team and their matches

Their first match will be played in Utrecht (which is less than 30 minutes from Amsterdam), and the stadium which is named Stadion Galgenwaard, has space for more than 23,000 people. The opening match will be against Norway on July 16th. It will start at 18.00.

The second match will be played on July 20th in Rotterdam at the Sparta Stadion Het Kasteel. This stadium only has space for a bit more than 10,000 people.

The last group stage match for the Dutch ladies will be at July 24th at the Koning Willem II Stadion in Tilburg. This stadium has capacity for almost 15,000 people.

Uefa Euro 2017 in Holland

No matter what you say, it will be a fantastic experience for these ladies to play matches in front of packed stadiums and lots of people cheering.

The final of the very tournament will be played in Entschede at the stadium De Grolsch Veste. This has capacity for 30,000 people… so whoever will play in that match, will for sure have a fantastic time.

Do you want to watch some of the matches?

It is very easy to travel around the Netherlands using the railway, so read more about that here in our Amsterdam Guide. If you want to buy tickets for any of the matches, you can do so at The group stage matches of Netherlands are already sold out, but you can still find tickets for all the matches of the other teams.

Would you rather just stream the event on your tablet, laptop, computer or maybe watch it on TV instead? You can find out more about how and where to watch the event online in this article.

Can the Dutch ladies win?

The bookmakers keep Germany as their big favorites before the start of the tournament. The Netherlands only come as the fifth most likely team to win the tournament, but one should not forget about the advantage of playing at home. We believe that Holland might get all the way to the final, but we must say that they will for sure have a hard time beating Germany!

Andrea Bocelli concert in Amsterdam 2017

Andrea Bocelli liveThe 14th of October in 2017 Andrea Bocelli will come to Amsterdam and he will sing and enchant the audience in the Ziggodome. Are you gonna be among them?

Andrea Bocelli will tour large parts of the world in 2017. He will not only visit Amsterdam, but he will also travel and perform in cities such as Linz, Graz, New York, Monte Carlo, Marbella, Bratislava, Budapest, Wien, Prague, München and Hannover.

The Andrea Bocelli concert in Amsterdam on October 14th will start at 20.00, and if you want to be there at the event, then you can buy your tickets from Viagogo using the link beneath.

There will be loads of other cools events taking place in Amsterdam as well this autumn, so look around in our Amsterdam Guide for more information on such events, or visit Viagogo and do a search for Amsterdam. You will then find a list of all sorts of concerts and events in Amsterdam for which you can buy tickets at the given website.

Andrea Bocelli Amsterdam 2017

October 14th, 20.00

Tickets: Viagogo

We wish you a very pleasant stay in Amsterdam. If you want to find out more about the attractions in town, then we can recommend visiting our article on the most famous articles in Amsterdam. There you can read about the special sights in town. But, to be honest, Amsterdam is not that much about famous landmarks, but much rather about great museums and a fantastic atmosphere. You can read much more about those museums and activities here in our Amsterdam Guide as well.

Can I watch Netflix in Amsterdam? How does it work? What to stream?

Are you coming to Amsterdam and to the Netherlands on a holiday? Worried about whether or not Netflix will work in Amsterdam or not?

In our modern world people no longer watch TV series like before. We do not watch them every Thursday evening at 21.00, but instead we like to stream our favorite TV series and content whenever we want to on Netflix. But, when you plan your trip to the city of beautiful canals and art museums, what should you expect? Will your Netflix subscription work as you arrive to your Amsterdam hotel?

Netflix in the Netherlands

Does Netflix work in the Netherlands?

Let us start answering this question first. The answer is yes! Netflix does work in the Netherlands, and you can easily visit or open your Netflix application, as they will both work. You will however be surprised to discover that the content available will differ, meaning that it is very possible that your favorite TV series available at home, can not be found on Netflix in the Netherlands.

Can I get access to US Netflix while in the Netherlands?

If you got really sad reading our earlier answer, then you will be happy to hear that it is possible to get access to US Netflix, UK Netflix, German Netflix, Norwegian Netflix, Canadian Netflix and some more Netflix regions while in Amsterdam. For more information on how to access other Netflix regions while in Amsterdam, visit

The best content on Neflix in Amsterdam currently

Instead of changing your Netflix region, why not explore the opportunities Dutch Netflix has to give. There are lots of content available on Dutch Netflix that can’t be found elsewhere, and thus you can use this chance to stream movies unavailable in your home country. Here you will find some suggestions from us that we believe will make you miss your home Netflix region much less.

Ps: Do not use these recommendations so much that you miss out on the beautiful canal cruises in Amsterdam, skip your visit to the Van Gogh museum and cancel your planned guided tour in Amsterdam on a bike.

Lots of Marvel movies on Dutch Netflix

If you like the Marvel universe, then Dutch Netflix is almost like heaven. It has much more to offer than any other Netflix region, which means that you can stream all the following Marvel movies on Dutch Netflix at the moment:

– Thor
– Thor: The Dark World
– Captain America: The First Avengers
– Iron Fist
– Captain America: Civil War

This should be a good start if you like the Marvel universe.

Thor on Netflix

Star Wars

If you are a Star Wars fan then the very best of all Netflix regions is Netherlands without a doubt. Here you can stream all Star Wars movies from 1 to 7, with the exception of Star Wars 3 1/2, that is Star Wars Rogue One. You can in other words stream the original three Star Wars movies, the add-on three movies (which weren’t really that good), and in addition you can stream the blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens (number 7) which will receive a successor this Christmas. This is the ultimate activity for hardcore Star Wars fans, and if you aren’t crazy about Star Wars yet, then you might just be about to become a hardcore fan. Star with Star Wars: The New Hope (which is the first made Star Wars movie, but number four in the history), or start with Star Wars: The Phantom Menace if you want to watch the movies in the correct order.

Star Wars on Netflix


This is a great movie for those who lived and played arcade games during the 80’s. In Pixels we meet Adam Sandler, a guy who was incredibly talented when it came to video games. In the 80’s he lost a competition, but after this an arcade machine was sent out into outer space. This arcade machine was caught up by aliens who 25 years later attack earth, and the only way to save earth is by beating the aliens in the arcade games like PacMan, Donkey Kong and so.

Pixels is a typical Adam Sandler movie, and I have to admit it that I actually enjoyed this a whole lot. Not a movie that you will remember for a long time, but if you want some pure entertainment after a long day studying Rembrandt works in the Rembrandt museum, or maybe history in one of the historical museums in Amsterdam, this might just be what you need to relax.

Pixels on Dutch Netflix

Disney movies

Let us say that your children are just really tired after a long day walking the streets of Amsterdam. What do you want them to watch while you relax? Dutch Netflix is packed with Disney movies, and here are some of the most famous ones:

– Robin Hood
– Frozen
– The Princess and the Frog
– Peter Pan
– The Good Dinosaur
– Dumbo
– The Incredibles
– Inside Out
– Ratatouille
– Monsters, Inc.

There are lots of other movies from Dreamworks and so on, but based on these titles you will not have a problem giving your children something to watch before or after walking the streets of Amsterdam.

The Incredibles on Netflix

The Proposal

For those who want a romantic evening in front of the TV with some great laughs included, The Proposal might be what you are looking for. In this movie Sandra Bullock plays an annoying boss who does anything to get her way. As she is about to be sent out from the US due to lack of VISA, she takes one of her employees (Ryan Reynolds) and claims him to be his fiance. This will save her job, and she forces Ryan Reynolds to do as she says, if not… The first weekend they have to spend in Alaska with the family of Ryan Reynolds, and this weekend is gonna be full of surprises.

The Proposal on Dutch Netflix

If you want more movies like The Proposal, then Confessions of a Shopaholic, The Ugly Truth and What Happens in Vegas could be good alternatives to The Proposal.

What are you gonna watch tonight?

We would love to hear about your plans in Amsterdam and what you would like to stream on Netflix. Use the comment field beneath and share your thoughts. We really look forward to hearing from you. If you have comments or questions, feel free to write down those as well.

Can I access Dutch Netflix abroad?

If you reading this list understand that you really want to access Dutch Netflix, also when you get home, then you can read more about how to access Dutch Netflix outside the Netherlands in this article.


Lady Gaga concert in Amsterdam

Lady Gaga concertOn October 3rd Lady Gaga will perform in Ziggodome in Amsterdam. Would you like to be among the thousands of fans present in the arena?

Lady Gaga is a very debated artist, but most people still agree that she is a real showbiz lady and with a great talent at entertaining. Whether or not she has a terrific voice is another question, but luckily we do not have to debate that right here. The chance is however that you reading this article like the voice of Lady Gaga, and that you would love to be there at the Lady Gaga concert in Amsterdam on October 3rd. If that is so, then we have some good news. There are still tickets available for the event, and you can buy them using the Viagogo link further down in this article.

Before coming to Amsterdam Lady Gaga will perform in quite a lot of cities around in Europe. The first concert will be in Barcelona, and after that she will go to Zurich. Before arriving to Amsterdam she will perform in Antwerpen in Belgium on October 1st.

Lady Gaga Amsterdam 2017

October 3rd, 19.30

Tickets: Viagogo

To buy tickets for any of the Lady Gaga events in Europe in 2017 simply press the link above and do a search for Lady Gaga. You will then be able to purchase tickets for any of her concerts in Europe, including the concert in Ziggodome in Amsterdam on October 3rd.

Ajax – Schalke 04 [Europe League quarter-final]

On April 13th Ajax Amsterdam will play against Schalke 04 in the first of two matches in the Europe League quarter-finals. If you want to be there at Amsterdam Arena, read on!

April will be a fantastic month for football fans all across the world. Not only will there be played some extraordinary Champions League quarter finals (Real Madrid vs Bayern Munchen and Juventus vs FC Barcelona), but also in the Europe League there are some great matches coming up. Ajax Amsterdam managed to beat FC Kobenhavn in the last leg in the Europe League, and now they are ready for one of the big teams in the German Bundesliga, Schalke 04.

On the paper the matches should be tight, but maybe Ajax Amsterdam are small favorites in front of the matches. It would be fantastic to get a Dutch team back into the top of the European club tournaments again, so we will cheer for Ajax and let us hope that after the matches on April 13th and April 20th, Ajax will be among the teams ready for a Europe League semi-final.

Ajax vs Schalke 04

Ververidis Vasilis /

Ajax vs Schalke 04 – Tickets

If you want to be there at the match starting at 21.05 on April 13th, then you can buy tickets for this and other Ajax matches from Viagogo. Once you visit the site search for Ajax, and you will find the tickets you are looking for. If you find this to be a boring match, then you could consider traveling to Brussels instead on April 13th to watch Anderlecht vs Manchester United instead. You can find tickets for that match as well on Viagogo.

We hope you will come to cheer for Ajax during the match against Schalke 04. If you can’t come, then you can still cheer for Ajax in front of your TV screen at home. More information on how to watch Europe League on Apple TV, computer, tablet and Chromecast can be found in the article referred to in the link. The article is a part of the IP Address Guide, a website we often refer to when people ask questions on how to watch Dutch TV abroad or how to get access to American Netflix in Amsterdam and so on.

What else should you do in Amsterdam?

If you come to watch Ajax vs Schalke 04 that is great. But you should absolutely travel around to discover more of Holland, and of course enjoy the most interesting programs in Amsterdam. But, what are the most interesting programs in Amsterdam?

We would for sure emphasize all the great museums in town, like the Anne Frank museum and the Rembrandt museum. There are also great programs like canal cruises and if you like bicycling, then a guided tour on bicycle can be warmly recommended.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Amsterdam!