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Guided tour in Amsterdam
Guided tour in Amsterdam

There are a whole lot of different options for those interested in guided tours in Amsterdam. Some tours are done entirely on foot, other trips using bicycles and then you have some using buses and cars. If you want to know more about the history of Amsterdam a guided tour will for sure give answers to your questions. Maybe the Red Light District sounds interesting? Join in on a guided tour in that area.

As you understand there are plenty of opportunities. Unfortunately, we do not arrange guided tours in Amsterdam ourselves, but our friends at Viator do.

If you visit the site linked to in this article you will find offers for plenty of guided tours and sightseeing tours in Amsterdam. Some of them are together with giant groups, will some are smaller and more intimate. Some of them very standard sightseeing tours, while others will introduce you to special areas of Amsterdam you have never heard about before.

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