Centraal station

Centraal Station
Centraal Station

Amsterdam Centraal railway station is a little attraction in itself, used by 166.000 passengers daily. The station was designed by Pierre Cuypers and A. L. van Gendt, and opened in 1889. The station is built on three man-made islands, resting on 8,687 wooden piles driven deep into the muddy and sandy soil. It is possible to travel by train from the station in almost all directions in Europe. Three of four metro lines in Amsterdam terminate at the Centraal Station.

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Are you arriving in Amsterdam by train? Is it far from the railway station to your hotel or the concert venue you are interested in? It all depends, but here you have a few interesting facts.

Distance between Amsterdam Centraal and popular locations in Amsterdam.

  • Anne Frank House: 1.6km.
  • Museumplein (Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum): 3.1km.
  • Dam Square: 950 meters.
  • Nemo Science Museum: 1.2km
  • Museum of Prostitution (Red Light Secrets): 950 meters.
  • Johan Cruijff Arena: 9.2km (you can easily travel there by metro).

These are the distances between Amsterdam Centraal and important locations in Amsterdam. It is easy to get around using public transportation. If you have a bike, you can also travel easily between the railway station and all other places of interest in Amsterdam.

Is it expensive to travel by train in the Netherlands?

Trains in the Netherlands are fairly expensive, but it is a very efficient way to explore the country. This is especially helped as many railway stations are in the centers of its cities, making it ideal for daily excursions to other cities.

  • Amsterdam Centraal -> Utrecht: 30 minutes, approximately €9.
  • Amsterdam Centraal -> Eindhoven: 80 minutes, approximately €23.
  • Amsterdam Centraal -> Den Haag: 60 minutes, approximately €14.
  • Amsterdam Centraal -> Rotterdam: 45 minutes, approximately €18.
  • Amsterdam Centraal -> Groningen: 120 minutes, approximately €30.

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