ING House

The ING House is a cool attraction in Amsterdam, though it is quite far from the city center and, for example, Amsterdam Centraal. The building is the main office of the ING Group in the Netherlands, and it is shaped like a shoe! The building was designed by Amsterdam-based Meyer and Van Schooten Architects. The building is 28 meters wide, 138 meters long, and at the highest point of its ten floors, 48 meters tall.

The house isn’t available for visitors, but due to the glass windows, you can see most of the building clearly, also from the outside. Why are there so many windows? They reflect the fact and ideal of openness and transparency, and it is supposed to make cooperation easier as you see those you work with all the time.

ING House Amsterdam

Amstelveenseweg 500, 1081 KL Amsterdam

ING House pictures