Amsterdam Guide with new design

oppdatert amsterdam guide

oppdatert amsterdam guideOur Amsterdam Guide has just gotten a new design, and we thought we should celebrate it with a new blog post. The new design might not seem like a revolution, but it is, at least if you visit our website about Amsterdam using a tablet or a mobile phone.

Maybe you thought that most people today surf the Internet using a computer, but that is very wrong. A larger and larger percentage come to our website using an iPad, a tablet or a mobile phone. That means that an updated Amsterdam Guide needs to be prepared for such visitors, in other words, have a mobile friendly design. And yes, the new design is mobile friendly.

In other words, you can now read about the most famous attractions in Amsterdam and the most interesting museums in Amsterdam on all kinds of devices, and enjoy pictures and all information available here.

Hope you will enjoy it, and look forward to inspiring and informing you so that you can stand prepared before your arrival to Amsterdam!

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