Formula 1 – returning to the Netherlands in 2020

Those in love with speeds are really happy to see that the Formula 1 racers will come to the Netherlands to race in 2020. Dutch Grand Prix Zandvoort will be arranged on May 3rd in 2020, so get ready for action and fun if you come to the Netherlands in this period.

More information about the event can be found right here.

Amsterdam Marathon 2018

TCS Amsterdam Marathon is the biggest running event in the Netherlands every year. In 2018, the marathon will be arranged on October 21st.

Are you a runner? Maybe you have been practicing for a while, but still, feel incapable of running an entire marathon? There are several possibilities if you want to take part in the TCS Amsterdam Marathon in 2018.

Amsterdam Marathon 2018

On October 21st there will be a total of five races arranged in Amsterdam. The main event is, of course, the TCS Marathon. This is open for 16,500 participants. Then comes the Mizuno Half Marathon (which is available for 18,500 people). If running a half-marathon seems scary as well, maybe the 8K run is more like something for you. This race is open for 8000 participants.

For the younger generation, there will be two different races arranged. There is a so-called kids-run, and then there is the mini-marathon.

There should be something for every generation, and something for all kind of athletes, so make sure to join in if you want to discover Amsterdam while running.

If you want to take part, make sure to register as soon as possible because it will most likely get full very soon. Registration has been open since November last year.

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Ajax vs. Rosenborg, Europe League qualification

Last year Ajax Amsterdam got all the way to the Europe League final. This year they can play in the Europe League again, but first, they have to beat Rosenborg in the last qualification round.

A couple of days ago both Ajax Amsterdam and Rosenborg played for a spot in the Champions League. Neither of the teams succeeded, as Rosenborg lost 1-0 to Celtic (after two matches), and Ajax played 3-3 against the French team Nice. As Nice scored two goals in Amsterdam, they won based on more away-goals scored than Ajax.

Ajax was close at beating Nice. Ten minutes before the second match finished, they were in the lead with 2-1. But, that was when Vincent Marcel scored a goal for Nice, and thus they qualified for the last stage in the qualification round for Champions League, while Ajax was “relegated” to the Europe League qualification.

Ajax vs Rosenborg
Can Ajax beat Rosenborg on August 17th? By Ververidis Vasilis – Shutterstock

Ajax vs. Rosenborg

The first match between Ajax and Rosenborg will be played at Amsterdam Arena on August 17th. Ajax is major favorites in front of the game, especially considering Rosenborg’s poor results lately, and not being able to score goals. They once were a giant in Europe, but that is history. In their team, they have the Danish super-striker Nicklas Bendtner, who once was one of the best in Europe, but those days are history. If Bendtner, however, would get back some of his old greatness, he could be a guy able to give RBK a victory in this match, against all odds.

The return match will be played in Trondheim one week later, on August 24th. The winning team will qualify for the Europe League group stage, while the loser will look forward to an autumn with football only in their domestic league.

If Ajax loses these matches, it will be a total disaster for the club fighting to get back among the top teams in Europe. Are you eager to watch the match between Ajax and Rosenborg on August 17th? Read more about Ajax Amsterdam and where to buy tickets for their matches here.

Would you like to watch the different Europe Leagues matches online? You can find more instructions on how to stream Europe League online here. Those instructions will first turn valid during the group stage.

What else to do in Amsterdam?

What are you gonna do in Amsterdam before and after the match? There are lots of exciting activities in Amsterdam. If you like art, then the Van Gogh and the Rembrandt museum should be considered real candy. Some people might think that a typical football-fan doesn’t care about art, but that is a false stereotype, that isn’t true at all. So why not visit an art museum before the match? And when you are finished, why not enjoy a canal cruise on the canals of Amsterdam?

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Ajax – Schalke 04 [Europe League quarter-final]

On April 13th Ajax Amsterdam will play against Schalke 04 in the first of two matches in the Europe League quarter-finals. If you want to be there at Amsterdam Arena, read on!

April will be a fantastic month for football fans all across the world. Not only will there be played some extraordinary Champions League quarter finals (Real Madrid vs Bayern Munchen and Juventus vs FC Barcelona), but also in the Europe League there are some great matches coming up. Ajax Amsterdam managed to beat FC Kobenhavn in the last leg in the Europe League, and now they are ready for one of the big teams in the German Bundesliga, Schalke 04.

On the paper the matches should be tight, but maybe Ajax Amsterdam are small favorites in front of the matches. It would be fantastic to get a Dutch team back into the top of the European club tournaments again, so we will cheer for Ajax and let us hope that after the matches on April 13th and April 20th, Ajax will be among the teams ready for a Europe League semi-final.

Ajax vs Schalke 04
Ververidis Vasilis /

Ajax vs Schalke 04 – Tickets

If you want to be there at the match starting at 21.05 on April 13th, then you can buy tickets for this and other Ajax matches from Viagogo. Once you visit the site search for Ajax, and you will find the tickets you are looking for. If you find this to be a boring match, then you could consider traveling to Brussels instead on April 13th to watch Anderlecht vs Manchester United instead. You can find tickets for that match as well on Viagogo.

We hope you will come to cheer for Ajax during the match against Schalke 04. If you can’t come, then you can still cheer for Ajax in front of your TV screen at home. More information on how to watch Europe League on Apple TV, computer, tablet and Chromecast can be found in the article referred to in the link. The article is a part of the IP Address Guide, a website we often refer to when people ask questions on how to watch Dutch TV abroad or how to get access to American Netflix in Amsterdam and so on.

What else should you do in Amsterdam?

If you come to watch Ajax vs Schalke 04 that is great. But you should absolutely travel around to discover more of Holland, and of course enjoy the most interesting programs in Amsterdam. But, what are the most interesting programs in Amsterdam?

We would for sure emphasize all the great museums in town, like the Anne Frank museum and the Rembrandt museum. There are also great programs like canal cruises and if you like bicycling, then a guided tour on bicycle can be warmly recommended.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Amsterdam!

Netherlands vs Czech Republic on October 13th

NetherlandsThe Netherlands had a bit of a bad start on the European Championship qualification, but they are getting better, and it is of great importance that they beat the Czech Republic at the match to be played at Amsterdam Arena on October 13th.

If you want to come and cheer for the Dutch team on this date, make sure to buy your tickets for the event at WorldTicketShop. There you can also buy tickets for other events and programs and concerts in Amsterdam, so if you have some time left for doing other things than watching football, then we can warmly recommend that you enjoy programs such as canal cruises, concerts, exhibitions and excursions while in Amsterdam.

If you can not come to Amsterdam to watch the match between Netherlands and Czech Republic, then you can find quite a lot of information on how to watch football matches online at, so we can warmly recommend that page for this purpose.

Enjoy your stay in Amsterdam, and go Netherlands!

Watch Ajax vs Celtic on September 17th

Ajax AmsterdamOn September 17th it is time for the kick off in the Europe League group stage in 2015. Ajax Amsterdam is the team that will defend the honor of the Netherlands, at least the team from Netherlands with the biggest odds with them for succeeding, and in their first match they will play against Celtic, a tough team from Scotland who are really disappointed after not making it to the Champions League.

The match between Ajax and Celtic will be played at Amsterdam Arena, and it is a great atmosphere there, and it can be said for sure that Ajax will want to win this match. If the guys from Scotland led by Ronny Deila will manage to arise after the disappointment of not getting to the Champions League is not yet possible to know, but we believe this will end up with a great win for Ajax!

If you want to be there and watch Ajax vs Celtic then you can buy tickets for the match at WorldTicketShop.

If you want to know more about football and watching it online, then the following page can come useful as it tells you more about how you can watch the Premier League online, and from time to time they also share information on how you can watch matches such as this one between Ajax and Celtic online, so visit it if you are not able to come to Amsterdam to check out the match yourself.

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Time to visit Keukenhof 2015


If it is spring then it is time to visit Keukenhof which is one of the most beautiful parks in Holland. Keukenhof has over 7 millions flower bulbs and 800 varieties of tulips just about to bloom. Beside the beautiful flowers visitors can enjoy particular and breathtaking flower shows, art works and several other events as well.

2015 is the year of Van Gogh so on this special and unique occasion visitors can check the spectacular flower bulb mosaic of a self portrait of Van Gogh which is made out of thousands of tulips. Apart from all the interesting flower shows the Keukenhof is an excellent program for children and families as well. Keukenhof gives home to several children’s activities such as the treasure hunt, the petting farm, the maze and the playground.

The admission price for adults cost € 16, for children under 3 is for free, ticket for children from 4 to 11 year cost € 8.
In 2015 Keukenhof is open from 20th March to 17th May every day from 8 in the morning until 7.30 in the evening.

If you want more inforation about tours to the park, visit the following page.

King’s Day 2015

Kings DayThe King’s Day in Amsterdam is one of the most popular events in the life of the city and in Holland as well. The annual King’s Day also known as Koningsdag is held every year on the 27th April.

Each year on this special day the whole country and especially Amsterdam celebrates the king’s birthday and on this occasion multiple various programs, events and other fun activities are waiting for everyone on the streets, parks and canals of Amsterdam. On this day the city hosts several programs from street markets and children’s activities to different parties. As the King’s Day is a public holiday lots of parties will take place on the streets of Amsterdam and on the various public squares in the city DJs will take care of the good mood. Each house in the city, the streets and the canals will be all decorated to honour this day.

The King’s Day in Amsterdam takes place on 27th April in 2015. The entrance to the festival is free for every visitors.

If you want to know more details on what is happening in Amsterdam, visit the following article.

National Restaurant Week 2015

National Restaurant Week 2015The National Restaurant Week returns to Amsterdam this year again. This special event is always held twice in a year, first time in the beginning of spring in March and then in the autumn sometime in September.

This special event offers a great opportunity for everyone to try the best restaurants and the most delicious dishes in town. The National Restaurant Week is one of the highlights of the city and it attracts every year more and more people so it is better to book your tables as soon as possible at the chosen restaurants. It is a really special time of the year when you have the chance to try the different fancy restaurants in the city and their best dishes. If you would like to discover as many restaurants as you can but your budget is limited than this is absolutely the perfect time to do it. Not only in Amsterdam but all over the Netherlands the restaurants organise a one week long event and during they offer a full 3 course dinner for only € 25 and lunch for only € 20.

The National Restaurant Week is held since 2005 and each year over 135 participant restaurants take part in it. This year the National Restaurant Week will be held from 5th March to 15th March in 2015.

For more information on the National Restaurant Week check this site.

Holland Festival 2015

Holland FestivalThe annual Holland Festival will be back in town again this year in the beginning of summer. The Holland Festival is one of the highlights of Holland which is always held in the capital city of Holland in Amsterdam.

The festival is one of the most popular events in the life of the city which attracts thousands of people every year and this is the largest festival held in Amsterdam and in the Netherlands as well. This will be the 68th Holland Festival in the summer of 2015 and like in every year countless of various programs are waiting for all the visitors.The festival offers the best programs and activities along side with countless concerts and different performances.

The festival gives home to various shows such as music, opera, theatre, dance and it also focuses on films and art shows. The Holland Festival also hosts different workshops and interesting conferences to the visitors. The full festival program of 2015 will be announced in the end of January.

The Holland Festival will be held from 30th May 2015 to 23rd June in 2015 in Amsterdam, Holland.

If you want to know more information on the Holland Festival check the official site.