Christmas presents to buy in Amsterdam

Christmas presents in Amsterdam

Christmas presents in AmsterdamChristmas is almost here and everyone is trying to find the best presents for Christmas. In this article we will list some of the best gifts you can get in Amsterdam during a holiday.

The good thing is that Amsterdam is one of the most interesting and busiest cities in Europe and it has countless shops and markets on every corner of the city. Around Christmas in the city like in the other big cities in Europe you can find the Christmas markets where you can buy the usual Christmas gifts all the handmade knitted accessories such as scarfs, hats, gloves, crafted chess boards and sets, wooden toys for children, wooden kitchen accessories, all kind of lamps, various metal and glass works, leather bags in different sizes, various Christmas decorations and so on, but if you want to get something more special and personal we recommend you to try the small boutiques such as Cottoncake and Jan where you can get the nicest presents for your loved ones and even have a coffee as well.

Cottoncake is a small shop located between the Sarphatipark and the busy Albert Cuypmark. The boutique sells all kind of women clothes, home and living accessories and jewellery as well. The items of the store are coming from all over the world and they were inspired by travel adventures which makes all of them really unique and special.

Jan is a small concept store where you can find all kind of presents for Christmas for your loved ones. At the store you can choose from various unique jewellery, coffee table books, gadgets for girls such as leather bags, home accessories and so on. Apart from these there are plenty other stores you can find in Amsterdam with almost the same quality and prices.

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