What Dutch TV channel will broadcast from the World Cup 2014?

I am a big fan of football and would love to watch the World Cup. What Dutch channel will broadcast from the World Cup, and is there a way in which I can watch this online?

Thank you for the brilliant question, and we are big fans of football ourselves. Hopefully the Holland team will enjoy greater success during the World Cup 2014 than during the European Championship in 2012, and that will make it far more interesting to watch the matches both on TV and online. In Holland the channel that will broadcast from the World Cup 2014 is NOS. You can find their website at www.nos.nl and what makes things even better is that they will broadcast all matches online at their website. The only requirement for you to watch the live broadcasts online is that you have a Dutch IP address, and you can easily get that if you want to watch the NOS World Cup broadcast from outside the Netherlands. Here you can find some useful links that will give you more information on the World Cup 2014 and NOS.

Enjoy the World Cup, and may the best team with Robben and the other stars win it all!


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