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Amsterdam Roots Festival 2024

The Amsterdam Roots Festival is a multicultural music and arts festival that celebrates diversity and showcases various world music genres. It brings together artists from various cultural backgrounds, highlighting the richness of global musical traditions.

The Amsterdam Roots Festival was first arranged in 1983. The festival takes place annually in Amsterdam, typically in June or July, and lasts for several days. A diverse lineup of international artists and bands representing a fusion of musical styles from different regions are present at the festival.

The festival program includes live performances, concerts, workshops, and other cultural activities that engage and entertain the audience. The artists invited to the Amsterdam Roots Festival encompass a wide range of genres such as world music, folk, jazz, reggae, Latin, African, and Caribbean music. These performances often occur in various venues across the city, including concert halls, clubs, and open-air stages.

In addition to the musical performances, the festival also incorporates other elements of cultural expression, such as dance, theater, and visual arts. Visitors have the opportunity to experience different art forms and explore the cultural diversity of Amsterdam and beyond.

Amsterdam Roots Festival 2024

Date: June 23
Location: Oosterpark

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How to get there?

You can travel to Oosterpark with trams, buses, and, of course, by bike. If you are at Amsterdam Centraal, look for tram line number 14 in the direction of Flevopark. You should get of the tram at Alexanderplein and walk from there. You can also travel with metro 51, 53, or 54 to Weesperplein and walk about 15 minutes from there to get to Oosterpark.

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Jun 23 2024


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