Sting Amsterdam 2023

Sting is getting older, but he is still incredibly popular. Even though he will have two concerts in Amsterdam, almost all tickets were sold out within a few minutes. If you can find tickets for one of the concerts, you should consider yourself lucky.

Sting will perform in Amsterdam on the last day of November and the first day of December 2023. This will be a busy period in Amsterdam due to the opening of the Christmas markets, two Madonna concerts, and several other events in the city.

Before coming to Amsterdam, Sting will sing and play in Leipzig, Brussels, and Hamburg in Germany. After his concerts in Amsterdam, his tour will continue to Paris in France and Cologne in Germany.

Sting Amsterdam 2023

Venue: AFAS Live (formerly Heineken Music Hall)
Dates: November 30 and December 1

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Where can I buy tickets for the Sting concert(s) in Amsterdam?

Would you like to be there and see Sting live in Amsterdam? Are you unable to find tickets elsewhere? You can buy tickets from others who have bought tickets themselves at Viagogo. There you can also buy tickets for other Sting concerts worldwide in the future.



Nov 30 2023 - Dec 01 2023

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