How to watch Dutch TV online from outside Holland?

Often most broadcasts and TV shows broadcasted in Holland are available online to everyone online, wherever you are in the world. This is easy and great, and a wonderful way to stay updated on what is going on in the Netherlands, wherever you are in the world. But, some stations and during special sports events, musical events and so on the TV stations make their online broadcasts only available to people located inside the borders of Holland. Thus you are in need of a Dutch IP address to watch these TV shows, and without that you will only see a black screen or get some message that this TV program is only available to people in the Netherlands. What are you to do in that situation? How can you watch Dutch TV online from outside Holland?

The answer and solution is very easy, and if you read our article about how to get a Dutch IP address you will find the information you are looking for. You simply need to create a connection to some server in Netherlands (VPN) and once connected you will get a virtual address which will make it seem like you actually stay and live in the Netherlands, even though you are currently lying on the beach in Barcelona and enjoying life! All information is encrypted, it is totally legal and very easy to install and understand.

Visit the homepage of HideMyAss, make a subscription (30 day pay back guarantee if you are not satisfied), download their VPN Pro program, and in a few minutes from now you can watch all broadcasts on the net available to people with a Dutch IP address only.

Explaining it all with a very non technical language:
What happens is that HideMyAss is a nice company. It is almost like if they give you an address in the Netherlands, so whenever someone wants to check up on you, you can tell them that you have an address in Holland, even though you are somewhere else. Ideal if you are on holiday somewhere else, or if you have moved to another nation, but would like to stay up to date on what is going on at home in Amsterdam or in the rest of the nation!

So, watch Nederlands 1, Nederlands 2, Nederlands 3 and whatever else you need to with this solution (this is of course not valid for PAY tv where you need a subscription), only for free broadcasts which are limited to people living in Netherlands.

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