Now you can shop from in Dutch

By a coincidence we recently bumped into the news that (German Amazon) is now also available in Dutch. If you prefer shopping in the German Amazon Store, but still in Dutch, then you can do so now.

It was in the following article that we read about how you can visit in both English and Dutch. This is brilliant in many ways. Since Germany has a population near to 80,000,000 people there are lots of people there who do not speak German, or at least before their home languages to German. That has been fixed by recently as they have added support for both the English and the Dutch language. In that way you can read more about the different products in both Dutch and English, and you can get instructions on shopping and much more in your own language.

What should you buy on Amazon if you do so? And why shop from the German Amazon store instead of the Dutch Amazon store? If you live in the Netherlands you should probably by from your local Amazon Store. But, there might be some products that you can not get access to in the Dutch Amazon Store, which you however can buy in the German store. If that is so, then this will come really useful for you. Then you can also forward your packages from Germany to the Netherlands easily (if that is needed as does not send all sorts of deliveries to other countries), and in a few minutes from now you can have ordered your first package from in Dutch and get it sent to your home address in the Netherlands.

We have not tried this ourselves yet, but it seems to work very well, so go ahead and visit the German Amazon store in Dutch to give it a try.

Is it cheaper on than on

The products available in both stores normally run with the same prices. But, if you visit you will simply suffer, as there are so few products available. You can not buy lots of Amazon products (like Fire Tablets, Amazon Echo), you can not buy the most modern cell phones (Samsung Galaxy S7) and so much more. And that is why you will want to visit in Dutch and shop from there instead.

What do you think? Will you try to shop from in Dutch?

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