Amy Macdonald Amstedam 2012

Amy Macdonald Amsterdam 2012
Amy Macdonald Amsterdam 2012

Almost two years ago Amy Macdonald visited Amsterdam as she performed in Heineken Music Hall on November 16th, 2010. Well, that was history, but the present is upon us and in not long the future will become the present, and we all have something to look forward to as Amy Macdonald will come to Amsterdam again to perform. Her concert will this time not be arranged in Heineken Music Hall, but in Melkweg. Is this due to lack of popularity? Who knows, but at least she is coming and she will perform her favorite and best songs, so you will for sure get to hear This is the life and other hits on this concert.

The Amy Macdonald concert in Amsterdam in 2012 will be as mentioned earlier arranged in Melkweg and the actual concert date is November 29th, concert starting at 20.00. Amy Macdonald herself is a quite young girl, only 27 years old as she was born in 1985. She comes from Scotland and her biggest hit so far has been the song “This is the Life” from 2007. Amy released a new album in June 2012 named Life in a Beautiful Light and she will for sure perform quite a lot of songs from that album during this concert in Amsterdam.

If you are interested in Amy Macdonald and would like to her as she comes to perform in Amsterdam in Melkweg, you can buy tickets already for this cool upcoming Amsterdam concert. While in Amsterdam, do not forget to check out all the interesting attractions and cool museums in town!

Amy Macdonald Amsterdam 2012

November 29th, 20.00

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