Justin Bieber concerts in Arnhem 2016

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Justin Bieber is out on a big tour in 2016, but unfortunately he will not visit Amsterdam during the tour, but instead he will visit the city of Arnhem. Luckily that is a city you can quite easily travel to from Amsterdam, so no need to despair, you can simply jump on a bus or a train and get yourself and your travel companions to Arnhem easily from Amsterdam.

Justin Bieber concerts in Arnhem
Justin Bieber coming to Amsterdam in 2016… almost!

If you want to be there at the Justin Bieber concerts in Arnhem, or at least at one of them, then you can buy tickets for the event from WorldTicketShop. Notice that you there can buy tickets for all the other Justin Bieber concerts in 2016 as well, so if you would rather travel to Belgium and listen to Justin Bieber there, or maybe go to Krakow in Poland to listen to him there instead, that is of course possible.

The two concerts with Justin Bieber in Arnhem will be arranged on October 8th and 9th in the Gelrodome in Arnhem. Have fun at the concert if you are going. If not, spend some time in Amsterdam to discover the beautiful attractions and the mystical atmosphere of the city instead.

Justin Bieber Netherlands 2013

Justin Bieber concert in ArnhemJustin Bieber will unfortunately not come to Amsterdam on his World Tour, also known as Believe Tour, in 2013. That is quite sad, but we still rejoice, as he at least will come to Arnhem in Netherlands to perform there.  On April 13th he will come to the Gelredome in Arnhem and he will for sure make the audience enjoy what will be remembered as the concert of the year in Arnhem and in Holland in 2013.

Justin Bieber is one of the biggest stars in the world and everywhere he goes the stadiums and venues are packed and people rock their bodies and the teenager girls, and some older ladies shout as they see Justin dance, move and sing. If you want to be among the lucky people present on April 13th in 2013 in Arnhem at the Justin Bieber concert, you better order your tickets as soon as possible. This can be done using the links further down.

This will be one of many concerts in 2013, and if you want to listen to Justin Bieber in for example Antwerpen or in Barcelona instead, you can buy tickets for these events at the ticket links as well.

Justin Bieber Arnhem 2013

April 13th

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