Billie Eilish Amsterdam 2025

We have a lot to look forward to in 2025, but I am convinced that many people in the Netherlands consider the three Billie Eilish concerts in the Ziggodome in Amsterdam to be among the highlights. The famous artist will tour Europe and visit cities such as London, Paris, Barcelona, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Prague, Krakow, and many others, but on May 4, 5, and 7, all eyes will look to Amsterdam! Would you like to be there at one of the Billie Eilish concerts in Amsterdam?

Billie Eilish starts her tour in Europe in Stockholm on April 23. After her days in Sweden, she will travel to Oslo (Norway), then to Copenhagen (Denmark), before she travels to Hannover (Germany) and from there to Amsterdam. All her concerts starts at 20.00 in the popular venue Ziggodome, a venue easy to access using public transportation in Amsterdam. If you want to learn more about the venue, nearby hotels and apartments, or how to get to the venue, visit our page about the Ziggodome.

Billie Eilish has lots of big hits, and her most popular video on YouTube has more than 2 billion views, while her most popular song has been listened to nearly 3 billion times. This is your chance to listen to Billie Eilish live in the Netherlands, and as you first visit the country, do not miss out on the possibility to visit Keukenhof to see the blooming tulips and other fantastic flowers and colors.

Billie Eilish Amsterdam 2025

Dates: May 4 – May 7, 2025
Venue: Ziggodome
Tickets: Viagogo (marketplace for all sorts of concert tickets).

You can buy tickets for the Billie Eilish concerts in Amsterdam using the link above. There you can also buy tickets for her other concerts worldwide, and if you’d rather find out more about other artists and buy tickets for such concerts, that is also possible.

Viagogo is a marketplace for tickets, it is not an official reseller of tickets. As a result, you buy tickets provided by other private persons or companies, and you buy them from those persons. Some consider this to be risky, so if you have doubts about it, skip the process. You can read more about Viagogo at the website and it is also smart to read both positive and negative reviews online from people who have used the service before you.

Are there any other things going on in Amsterdam in May?

There are lots of things happening throughout the year in Amsterdam. The city has more museums per citizen than any other city worldwide, and there are always interesting temporary exhibitions, and also lots of concerts, festivals, and events. You can read more about some of the things going on in Amsterdam in our Amsterdam calendar.

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