Black Sabbath concert in Amsterdam 2013

Who doesn’t know the fathers of heavy metal music, the Black Sabbath from England? The band started in 1968, the original members were John “Ozzy” Osborne singer, Tommy Iommi guitarist, Terence “Geezer” Butler bass guitarist and Bill Ward drummer. Iommi and Ward worked together earlier, and they found the singer Osborne in an advertisement, and they didn’t care about that Ozzy almost has no voice. There were lots of difficulty and barrier, before they reached the success. Their lyrics and music were weird in the time of peaceful musicians and music fans, but they slowly rose up and became famous. However people’s opinion is changeable about the band, it is a fact that the Black Sabbath is one of the first heavy metal bands. The band worked with 22 musicians in 40 years, technically the member changing was constant.

But the time is here, the reunion Black Sabbath with almost all the original members will go to a worldwide tour in 2013 and of course they will visit the bigger European countries. Prepare yourself, because the Black Sabbath will shake people with some old school heavy metal on 28 November 2013 in the capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam in the De Passage 100. Do not miss one of maybe the last concerts of the band at the capital of parties, Amsterdam! Have fun!

Black Sabbath concert
November 28th, 2013
Tickets: Viagogo