How can I pay for my hotel in Amsterdam with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? Where do they accept Bitcoin?

Are you coming to Amsterdam and would like to pay for your hotel room or apartment with Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency? Are you trying to use your digital currencies to pay for services instead of traditional “FIAT” currencies? If your goal is to remain anonymous that is equal to impossible because you will need to submit your identity information upon arrival to your place of accommodation no matter what you do. But, if your simple goal is to pay for your hotel room or apartment with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or some other currency, that is fully possible.

If you want to enter a hotel and pay with Bitcoin at the reception, you will have a problem. That is almost impossible, as they do not have such services available. As a result, the only way you can pay for your accommodation in Amsterdam with cryptocurrencies is by using a hotel-booking page supporting cryptocurrencies. Currently, the best two options for that are Locktrip and Travala. It is easy to register for those services (just like you would create an account to book a hotel room with or You will then gain access to your wallet and there you can choose to deposit cryptocurrencies which can later be used to pay for your actual hotel rooms. As a result, you can suddenly use your cryptocurrencies to pay for your accommodation as you travel around the world.

Travala has its own cryptocurrency named AVA and with this token you can get further discounts on hotel prices, and also use the AVA token to pay for your hotel rooms.

Is it cheaper/better/safer to pay for your Amsterdam hotel using cryptocurrencies?

Honestly, it doesn’t feel much safer, but if it is important to you to pay with cryptocurrencies, then these are great tools that help you accommodate such needs. But, an important question to ask is whether or not you will pay more or less if you decide to pay for your hotel in Amsterdam with Bitcoin on either Locktrip and Travala? Are you paying more since cryptocurrencies come with a risk, meaning that the booking engines charge you more than they normally would if you paid with a normal currency?

Let’s compare the prices of,, Travala, and Locktrip.

This is gonna get interesting. For the sake of this article, we will choose three random hotels in Amsterdam and compare the prices we are offered at the four different pages. We will compare prices for a room for two persons for one night.

Amsterdam taxes accommodation at extreme levels, so especially with Travala and Locktrip it is important to find out what the final price will be with taxes included (the taxes normally has to be paid on the spot to the hotel and not directly with your booking).

Sir Adam Hotel part of Sircle Collection, 4 star hotel.

  • Travala: $395
  • $427
  • $437
  • Locktrip: $390

A Train Hotel, 3 star hotel.

  • Travala: $241
  • $253
  • $253
  • Locktrip: $250

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam, 5 star hotel.

  • Travala: $610
  • $630
  • $630
  • Locktrip: $597

Travala has a cash-back program where you receive an amount of your booking cost in return after you have been to the hotel. If you own AVA tokens and lock them up on the pay, you can also receive further discounts on your bookings.

Is it worth paying for your Amsterdam hotel with cryptocurrencies?

If you want to use your cryptocurrencies, then it is worth it, no matter if you pay more or less. But, based on the examples you can see above, you will normally pay less by using crypto compared to paying with Euro, Dollar, or some other currency.

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