Where to watch Euro 2016 in Amsterdam

It is almost incredible, but Euro 2016 will be arranged without the Netherlands actually playing. But a football nation like the Netherlands will still follow the event and these are some places where you can watch the Euro 2016 matches in Amsterdam.

If you are still depressed because Holland did not make it to Euro 2016 and want to watch the matches all by yourself in your hotel room, then you can watch them on your TV screen as NOS will broadcast the matches in the Netherlands. You can also watch the matches online on the NOS website, but be aware of the fact that if you are outside Holland and want to watch the same stream then it can’t be done because of your geographical location. More information on how to fix this can be found here and here (last article is in Dutch).

But, let us say that you want to be more social and watch the European Championship at more crowded spots with more people, then these are some of the places we can recommend!

Watch euro 2016 in amsterdam
Euro 2016 is still worth watching, even though Holland will not play!

Places where you can watch Euro 2016 in Amsterdam


This is a fantastic square in Amsterdam and here you will be able to watch the Euro 2016 matches together with thousands of other people.  This is an outdoor place to watch, quite similar to the Rathausplatz in Vienna where you also can watch Euro 2016.

Satellite Sportscafe, Leidesplein 11

Let us say that it is really hot outside and you decide not to watch the matches at the Leidseplein. Well, then you can just enter Satellite Sportscafe instead which is located by the same square. This is a very popular sportsbar and in addition to bear and TV screen they also have lots of pancakes!


This is a square just by the Heineken Experience, and it has a very high density of bars and pubs, so just walk to this area and you will have no problem finding a spot where you can watch Euro 2016.

O’Donnell’s Irish Pub, Ferdinand Bolstraat 5

If you want to visit a traditional Irish pub, maybe to watch the opening match for Ireland as they play against Sweden on Stade de France in Paris or maybe to watch any other match during Euro 2016, this is a perfect place in Amsterdam.

No need to worry!

If you don’t feel like visiting any of these places you do not need to worry, because Euro 2016 will be broadcasted almost anywhere, so just walk around and you will find places where you can watch all the matches. A full Euro 2016 schedule can be found here.