Which is the best five star hotel in Amsterdam?

We are currently writing a series of articles on which is the best five star hotel in different cities, and now the time is here to discuss which is the finest and best five star hotel in Amsterdam.

So far we have written small articles on the best five star hotels in Krakow and the best five star hotels in Budapest.

In our eyes a hotel need to be central to be the best, and that is why some five star hotels in Amsterdam are not even close to be considered the best five star hotel in town, simply based on its location. But, using your legs a bit does not hurt anyone. The definition of central in Amsterdam is the Dam Square, the very heart and center of Amsterdam, together with the central station.

Five star in Amsterdam

If you just want luxury and a great five star hotel just in the center of Amsterdam, at the Dam Square, then the decision is easy to make.. All you need to do is to book a room in Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky. However, based on general feedback and user reviews this is not the very best five star hotel in Amsterdam, even though its location might be the best. There are two other hotels known to be even better, and those are Sofitel Legend and De l’Europe Amsterdam. These hotels both smell and taste of luxury, and in Sofitel you can even find the Michelin starred restaurant Bridges. This hotel is also located near the Van Gogh museum, so if you plan on spending time near the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh museum and the Dam Square, this is it!

The other favorite is De l’Europe Amsterdam. This is located a bit closer to the Dam Square, so while Dam Square is a 10 minute walk from Sofitel, it is only a five minute walk from De l’Europe Amsterdam. If you like fine dining, then this hotel in fact has a restaurant with two Michelin stars, Bord’Eau, making this one of the finest places to dine in all of Europe. In fact they also have free wireless Internet available, which is a big pro with both this hotel and with Sofitel.

All in all we would probably not mind very much whether we stayed in Sofitel, Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky or De l’Europe Amsterdam. We would just visit booking.com and book a room in the hotel with the best prices for our dates!