5 places to visit in Amsterdam

If you want to spend some days in Amsterdam, you will love this compilation presenting 5 places and activities that you should not miss out on as you come to visit us.

Painting in the Rijksmuseum

The first and maybe most important point on our list is the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, the Dutch national museum. The renovation of the building started in 2003 and they just finished it, so there is no barrier between you and the Rijksmuseum anymore. Besides lots of masterpieces, you can also find the most significant Rembrandt collection in the world and the biggest historical art public library of Netherlands in the museum.

Our second suggestion is connected to the first. We would like to introduce you the Van Gogh Museum, which is located very close to the Rijksmuseum. As you probably realized, this is the world’s biggest collection of the eccentric painter, Van Gogh’s works. 200 paintings, 500 drawings and 700 letters help visitors to know more about one of the most famous artists’ art and life. Naturally there are temporary exhibitions and other artists’ paintings too in the Van Gogh Museum, for example visitors could see Rembrandt’s and Caravaggio’s masterpieces here.

Our third suggestion is on the border between culture and fun. This is actually a museum, people could meet new things, but the topic is different from for example the Van Gogh Museum. This is the program Heineken Experience. The tour is in the old Heineken factory, which is now a museum. Here visitors can see the famous beer’s components one by one, see the system of bottling, see the way of the beer from bottling to the bottle opener and moreover gives you the chance to get a beer with your own name at. The ticket includes two glasses of beer too. Do not forget, people can only drink alcohol over 18 years old, underage persons could enter into the museum only with adult.

Heineken Experience
Heineken Experience in Amsterdam

After all the cultural experiences we deserve a little resting shopping. The fourth point is a few words about the flea market of Amsterdam. Here you can find everything that you need and lots of stuff that you do not need. The sellers from different nations offer lots of things, so everybody can find what they dream about. By lots of stands you can bargain with the sellers, so you could buy the object of your dreams for lower price than the original. The market is huge; it is usually open between morning and late afternoon. Its territory is big, so it worth to arrive until 12, to have time for see all the stands.

The fifth point on our list is connecting to the shopping and this is the famous Flower Market in Amsterdam. As you probably know, Amsterdam is the country of tulips. At the Flower Market besides the different and special tulips, tulip bulbs you can smell, see and of course buy other, lots of different type and color flowers.

We hope this article has been useful to you and that have gotten some ideas and suggestions for what to do in Amsterdam. If you have further ideas and advices, please write a comment. If you like the article, press the like button and share it with your friends on Facebook!