The best of Frans Hals – an exhibition.

Frans Hals was a really good painter who lived a long time ago. He was born way back in 1582 in the Netherlands, and he spent most of his life there. Imagine, he was painting around the same time when people wore fancy clothes with big ruffles and feathers!

Frans Hals became famous for painting people. His most famous paintings are of groups of happy folks having a good time. One of his most well-known paintings is called “The Laughing Cavalier.” It’s a portrait of a man who looks really joyful, and it feels like he’s about to burst into laughter.

Another cool thing about Frans Hals is that he was really good at making people look lively in his paintings. He didn’t make them stand all stiff and serious – instead, they seemed like they were having a party!

Even though Frans Hals lived a super long time ago, his paintings are still famous and make people happy today. Imagine that – his art has been making people smile for hundreds of years!

Now you can learn more about Frans Hals in a temporary exhibition in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Doesn’t that sound like a great program?

The best of Frans Hals in Rijksmuseum.

Dates: February 16, 2024 – June 9, 2024
Location: Rijksmuseum

Admission fee: You need to pay the general admission fee to the museum and then you will also get access to this temporary exhibition. You can read more about the opening times of the museum and the entrance fees on our Rijksmuseum page.

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