How to get a Dutch IP address?

Many people realize when they travel abroad that they are in need of a Dutch IP address to get hold of the information, tv broadcast or some sort of other stuff they are in need of. Others realize that they need a Dutch ip address to play their favorite game online, or whatever. There might be many reasons, but the question is still the same: How to get a Dutch IP address?

It is very easy, but before we answer 100% we will simply tell you how this is done, with a simple technical language. To get a Dutch IP address (or any other IP address from other countries around the world) you need to create a VPN or connect to a Proxy server in the given nation. As this connection is created it can be described as a tunnel giving you a direct connection to the given nation. All your information is thus seen on the internet as though it would go from the server in the given nation, and all internet pages, tv stations, poker centrals and so on will look upon you as someone surfing the internet from that nation. How can you do this in practice?

How to get a Dutch IP address
Dutch IP address with HideMyAss

There are some small guides telling you how to get a Dutch IP address online for free, but these are very unstable and not always working to well. HideMyAss (link to a HideMyAss review) is a provider which takes some money for this, but then they are also professional at what they are doing and the service they provide is perfect (we have tried it ourselves). You simply visit their webpage, make a subscription, download their VPN Pro software. Once the program is downloaded you type in your user ID and password and choose the server you would like to connect to. On the list of servers you can not only find Dutch servers, but servers all around the world. So with the subscription and the program you can not only get a Dutch IP address, but you can easily get an Italian, a Spanish and lots of IP addresses from other nations around the world. It is cheap, but works great and it also encrypts your traffic making it safe to use and thus people around you can not steal the information you are sending and pick up your private data.

This solution is also ideal if you want to watch Dutch television broadcasts which are only available to people with a Dutch ip address. This is typical for live broadcasts, larger sports events, Eurovision Song contest, Olympic games, World Championship (football) and so on! Enjoy and good luck!

Check out the webpage: HideMyAss