AC/DC Amsterdam

We have a lot to look forward to in Amsterdam this summer. The summer gets an early kick-off with Nicki Minaj and Olivia Rodrigo in May, followed by AC/DC in June, and then with Taylor Swift and PINK in July. In other words, there is a lot to look forward to. Our Amsterdam Guide has lots of information about upcoming programs, events, and concerts in Amsterdam, but also information about the most popular attractions and activities in Amsterdam available all year round.

AC/DC is touring many cities in Europe this summer. Before the legendary band comes to Amsterdam, they will do several concerts in Gelsenkirchen in Germany and in Sevilla in Spain. Then it is time for the band to come to the capital of the Netherlands before the band travels to Munich, Dresden, and Vienna.

The most recent album released by AC/DC is the album “Power Up” from 2020. But, the biggest hits of the band are much older, for example, “Back to Black”, “Highway to Hell”, “Thunderstruck”, and “You Shook Me All Night Long.” Hopefully, the band will play a good combination of old and new during the concert in Amsterdam.

AC/DC Amsterdam 2024

Location: Johan Cruijff Arena
Date: June 5, 2024
Tickets: Viagogo (marketplace for concert tickets)

You can buy tickets for all the AC/DC concerts worldwide in 2024 using the link above. It is a marketplace where you buy tickets from others, meaning that even though all the tickets are sold from the official ticket offices, you can use Viagogo to buy tickets from others who managed to buy tickets in the first place.

It is easy to travel to the Johan Cruijff Arena with public transportation, and even though there are few hotels nearby, there are still a few options. Even though, I would rather recommend you live in downtown Amsterdam and travel to the venue, instead of living near the venue, and then traveling to the city center whenever you want to explore the attractions of the city.

Alecia Beth Moore (PINK) Amsterdam

Alecia Beth Moore is her true name, but to the world, she is better known as PINK. She was born in 1979 and has made some of the biggest hits in the modern history of music. During the summer of 2024 she will visit a few cities in Europe and Amsterdam is extremely lucky, because she will not just perform once at the Johan Cruyff Stadium, but two evenings in a row. Would you like to be among the audience?

P!nk will have her first European concert in Cardiff on June 11, 2024. After that, she will travel to London where she will perform twice at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Following her London concerts, P!nk will travel to Liverpool, Glasgow, Bern (Switzerland) and Copenhagen (Denmark), before she comes to the Netherlands and Amsterdam. The first concert is arranged on July 10, followed by a second concert on July 11. If you want to learn more about Johan Cruyff Stadium, how to get there, and about good hotels nearby, look at our article about the stadium.

We don’t know exactly which songs P!nk will sing during her concerts in Amsterdam, but no matter which songs she decides to play, they will be loved by millions of people.

There is space for about 53,000 people at Amsterdam Arena (referred to as the Johan Cruyff Stadium), so there will be more than 100,000 people in total listening to P!nk during her two concerts in Amsterdam.

“PINK” concerts in Amsterdam

Location: Johan Cruyff Arena
Dates: July 10 and July 11, 2024
Tickets: Viagogo (a marketplace for all sorts of tickets online)

Even though all tickets have been sold on the official ticket pages, you can still buy tickets from others with tickets directly at Viagogo. It is often more expensive, but if you are desperate to be at one of the P!nk concerts in Amsterdam, that might be your only option.

You can read more about recommended programs and activities in Amsterdam in our guide.

Taylor Swift Amsterdam

Taylor Swift is one of the most popular artists in the world today. She will tour large parts of the world in 2024, and Amsterdam is one of the cities lucky to be visited by Taylor. She will perform, not only once, but three times in Amsterdam at the Johan Cruijff Arena.

Taylor Swift was born in December in 1989, and by the time she comes to Amsterdam, she will be 34 years old. Before she comes to Amsterdam, she will perform three times in Dublin and three times in London. Paris is the only city in Europe where Taylor Swift will perform four evenings in a row. The Taylor Swift tour in Europe ends with three concerts in Vienna, before she travels to London where she will have her final concerts in Europe in 2024.

Taylor Swift Amsterdam 2024

Dates: July 4 – July 6
Venue: Johan Cruijff Arena

Tickets: Viagogo

The tickets for the event were sold out quickly. It is still possible to buy tickets for the concert second-hand, and that is what you can do by using the link above. Be aware that the prices are quite a lot higher than by buying the tickets directly, but since there are no tickets left, this might be the only way to get a ticket for one of the Taylor Swift concerts in Amsterdam in 2024.

If you want to be there at one of the Taylor Swift concerts in Amsterdam, hurry up and buy your tickets as early as possible. If you want to learn more about famous sights and activities in Amsterdam, look around in our Amsterdam Guide. Here you can also find information about other concerts, events, and festivals in the city.

Amsterdam Music Festival (AMF) 2024

Amsterdam Music Festival is one gigantic party for anyone in love with music to which they can dance all night with tens of thousands of other people. The event is arranged at the Johan Cruijff Arena.

The AMF Festival was first arranged in 2014 and it has been an annual event since then (with the exception of the COVID years).

AMF Festival 2024

Venue: Johan Cruijff Arena
Date: October 19

You can find more information about the event at the official website located at

Who will be there at the Amsterdam Music Festival in 2024?

We don’t have any names yet, but you will for sure find them as soon as they are announced at the website above.

Euro 2020: Netherlands – Austria

The Netherlands will play against Austria at the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam on the seventeenth of June. The match will start at 21.00 local time, and it will be played in front of approximately 12,000 spectators (25% of the stadium capacity).

This will be the second match during the European Championship for both teams. Netherlands will start the tournament playing against Ukraine, while Austria will start the tournament playing against North Macedonia. Most people expect the battle for the first two places in the group to be between Netherlands, Austria, and Ukraine, and that is why this match between the Netherlands and Austria will be so important to both teams.

Not many people will be lucky enough to watch the match at the stadium, but you will for sure be able to watch it on some big screens here and there, and also on your local TV station. If you are at work and don’t really have the chance to watch it on a normal TV screen, then there are plenty of ways to watch this and all the other matches during the Euroepan Championship in football online as well. More information about that can be found in this article.

Who will be the star of the match?

Austria has several great players in their squad. They put their main hopes to Marko Arnautović when it comes to scoring their goals, but we also know that Sabitzer who normally plays for RB Leipzig is an awesome playmaker. David Alaba is also a fantastic player who is capable of doing magic on the field. All three players are important figures who might be the difference between a great and a bad day for the team.

Memphis Depay might be the biggest star on the Dutch team, but Wout Weghorst has had a great season in Wolfsburg, but we also know that Frenkie de Jong, and Luuk De Jong are great players.

I do believe that Netherlands will end up winning this match, but I don*t believe it will be easy. Austria has a great squad, and this is going to be very interesting!

Euro 2020: Netherlands – Ukraine

Are you ready for the European Championship in football? The kick-off will be in Rome on the eleventh of June, but the first match to be played in the Netherlands will be on the thirteenth of June as the Netherlands will play against Ukraine at the Johan Cruijff Arena.

The Johan Cruijff Arena is located just outside Amsterdam and if you would like to enter the arena to watch the match, you will need to have a valid ticket and proof of a negative Corona test. There will only be allowed entry for somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 spectators, meaning that there will be a lot of empty seats at the stadium. In fact, the only city that will allow the stadium to be packed to its full capacity is Budapest, a city in which Portugal, France, and Hungary will play their matches.

Netherlands - Ukraine

There will be played four matches in Amsterdam during the European Championship in football.

The first match is the match between the Netherlands and Ukraine that will start at 21.00 on June 13th, and four days later the Netherlands will play against Austria at the same stadium, before they play their final group stage match against North Macedonia at the stadium on June 21.

There will also be played one match at the stadium during the knockout stage.

Maybe you will be one of the lucky people able to watch the match on the stadium? If you have a ticket and a negative Corona test, enjoy the match. If not, then you can still watch the match between the Netherlands and Ukraine on your local TV station or online. You will for sure not be alone, because there will be millions of people all across Europe and outside Europe that will watch this match online!