De Parade Theatre Festival in Amsterdam 2013

The capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam is the city of culture, bustle and magic. Here we can always run into something weird and interesting. De Parade Theatre Festival is also such a program. It is a moving theater parade and it is available between 9 and 25 August 2013 in Amsterdam. If you want to know more about this fantastic event, keep reading our article!

De Parade FestivalThe De Parade Theatre is a wanderer theatre festival, which starts its journey in Rotterdam and the final station is Amsterdam in the Martin Luther King Park. However the performances are in Dutch language, the view is more important than the voice, it makes fantastic the De Parade Theatre. If somebody, be Dutch or not sits in the audience to forget all problems for a couple hours, it wouldn’t matter that the show is Dutch.

However the De Parade Theatre is an unforgettable program to everybody, the theatre band will prepare with children show too. Moreover besides the open-air performances, there will be secret places, where the Festival welcomes the visitors with more programs with full of heart.

Do not miss this fantastic experience, the De Parade Theatre Festival between 9 and 25 August 2013 in the capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam in the Martin Luther King Park. It would be an unforgettable experience. Have fun!

De Parade Theatre Festival Amstedam 2013

August 9th-25th
Martin Luther King Park