Can I watch Netflix in Amsterdam? How does it work? What to stream?

Are you coming to Amsterdam and to the Netherlands on a holiday? Worried about whether or not Netflix will work in Amsterdam or not?

In our modern world people no longer watch TV series like before. We do not watch them every Thursday evening at 21.00, but instead we like to stream our favorite TV series and content whenever we want to on Netflix. But, when you plan your trip to the city of beautiful canals and art museums, what should you expect? Will your Netflix subscription work as you arrive to your Amsterdam hotel?

Netflix in the Netherlands

Does Netflix work in the Netherlands?

Let us start answering this question first. The answer is yes! Netflix does work in the Netherlands, and you can easily visit or open your Netflix application, as they will both work. You will however be surprised to discover that the content available will differ, meaning that it is very possible that your favorite TV series available at home, can not be found on Netflix in the Netherlands.

Can I get access to US Netflix while in the Netherlands?

If you got really sad reading our earlier answer, then you will be happy to hear that it is possible to get access to US Netflix, UK Netflix, German Netflix, Norwegian Netflix, Canadian Netflix and some more Netflix regions while in Amsterdam. For more information on how to access other Netflix regions while in Amsterdam, visit

The best content on Neflix in Amsterdam currently

Instead of changing your Netflix region, why not explore the opportunities Dutch Netflix has to give. There are lots of content available on Dutch Netflix that can’t be found elsewhere, and thus you can use this chance to stream movies unavailable in your home country. Here you will find some suggestions from us that we believe will make you miss your home Netflix region much less.

Ps: Do not use these recommendations so much that you miss out on the beautiful canal cruises in Amsterdam, skip your visit to the Van Gogh museum and cancel your planned guided tour in Amsterdam on a bike.

Lots of Marvel movies on Dutch Netflix

If you like the Marvel universe, then Dutch Netflix is almost like heaven. It has much more to offer than any other Netflix region, which means that you can stream all the following Marvel movies on Dutch Netflix at the moment:

– Thor
– Thor: The Dark World
– Captain America: The First Avengers
– Iron Fist
– Captain America: Civil War

This should be a good start if you like the Marvel universe.

Thor on Netflix

Star Wars

If you are a Star Wars fan then the very best of all Netflix regions is Netherlands without a doubt. Here you can stream all Star Wars movies from 1 to 7, with the exception of Star Wars 3 1/2, that is Star Wars Rogue One. You can in other words stream the original three Star Wars movies, the add-on three movies (which weren’t really that good), and in addition you can stream the blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens (number 7) which will receive a successor this Christmas. This is the ultimate activity for hardcore Star Wars fans, and if you aren’t crazy about Star Wars yet, then you might just be about to become a hardcore fan. Star with Star Wars: The New Hope (which is the first made Star Wars movie, but number four in the history), or start with Star Wars: The Phantom Menace if you want to watch the movies in the correct order.

Star Wars on Netflix


This is a great movie for those who lived and played arcade games during the 80’s. In Pixels we meet Adam Sandler, a guy who was incredibly talented when it came to video games. In the 80’s he lost a competition, but after this an arcade machine was sent out into outer space. This arcade machine was caught up by aliens who 25 years later attack earth, and the only way to save earth is by beating the aliens in the arcade games like PacMan, Donkey Kong and so.

Pixels is a typical Adam Sandler movie, and I have to admit it that I actually enjoyed this a whole lot. Not a movie that you will remember for a long time, but if you want some pure entertainment after a long day studying Rembrandt works in the Rembrandt museum, or maybe history in one of the historical museums in Amsterdam, this might just be what you need to relax.

Pixels on Dutch Netflix

Disney movies

Let us say that your children are just really tired after a long day walking the streets of Amsterdam. What do you want them to watch while you relax? Dutch Netflix is packed with Disney movies, and here are some of the most famous ones:

– Robin Hood
– Frozen
– The Princess and the Frog
– Peter Pan
– The Good Dinosaur
– Dumbo
– The Incredibles
– Inside Out
– Ratatouille
– Monsters, Inc.

There are lots of other movies from Dreamworks and so on, but based on these titles you will not have a problem giving your children something to watch before or after walking the streets of Amsterdam.

The Incredibles on Netflix

The Proposal

For those who want a romantic evening in front of the TV with some great laughs included, The Proposal might be what you are looking for. In this movie Sandra Bullock plays an annoying boss who does anything to get her way. As she is about to be sent out from the US due to lack of VISA, she takes one of her employees (Ryan Reynolds) and claims him to be his fiance. This will save her job, and she forces Ryan Reynolds to do as she says, if not… The first weekend they have to spend in Alaska with the family of Ryan Reynolds, and this weekend is gonna be full of surprises.

The Proposal on Dutch Netflix

If you want more movies like The Proposal, then Confessions of a Shopaholic, The Ugly Truth and What Happens in Vegas could be good alternatives to The Proposal.

What are you gonna watch tonight?

We would love to hear about your plans in Amsterdam and what you would like to stream on Netflix. Use the comment field beneath and share your thoughts. We really look forward to hearing from you. If you have comments or questions, feel free to write down those as well.

Can I access Dutch Netflix abroad?

If you reading this list understand that you really want to access Dutch Netflix, also when you get home, then you can read more about how to access Dutch Netflix outside the Netherlands in this article.