Snoop Dogg Amsterdam 2014

Snoop DoggOn August 17th it is time for a Snoop Dogg concert in Paradiso in Amsterdam.

There are still tickets available for this event, so if you want to be there at the Snoop Dogg concert in Amsterdam, then you can buy your tickets online today.

Snoop Dogg was born back in 1971 in the United States, and currently the artist is 42 years old. If you are a fan, make sure to be there at this event!

Snoop Dogg Amsterdam 2014


Snoop Lion concert in Amsterdam 2013

Snoop Dogg has left the gangster rap converted to the more peaceful reggae music. He got a new name to celebrate this, so new he gives concerts as Snoop Lion. In this summer he will publicize his new album in Europe, and he will give a concert on 6 August 2013 at the party capital, Amsterdam.

The rapper, who anyway is producer and actor too, had a hard career start; he was the member of the Crips street band during the high school. After he finished the school, he was arrested because of drugs and he spent six months in the Wayside County prison. His music career started later, in 1992, his first album released one year after, what nowadays is four times platinum album. His success is constant.

He released a documentary movie in 2012, the Reincarnated and an album with the same title. In the movie the rapper tells, he leaves the gangster style and from now he converts to the more peaceful lyric reggae music. There is only this style of music on his new album. Moreover he shows us through the film, how he became a rastafari, and became from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion.

On his European concerts he will mostly play from his new album, but probably there will be some real classic hip-hop song. If you are curious too about the reborn hip-hop legend, visit to the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, on 6 August 2013. Have fun!

Snoop Lion
August 6th

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