Watch Star Wars: Rogue One in an Amsterdam cinema


The newest addition to the Star Wars series has been released and you can now watch it lots of cinemas all across Amsterdam and in all of the Netherlands.

Star Wars fans have been waiting for Rogue One to be released for a long time, at least since the arrival of the last Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens.

If you do not know much about Star Wars than watching this movie might be a brilliant way to start your relationship with the Star Wars series. If you have seen a whole lot of Star Wars movies earlier, then this is a brilliant movie that will make your knowledge of the Star Wars series even greater.

And to make everything even better, make sure to visit Netflix as well while in the Netherlands. A common consequence of watching this movie is that you will long to watch Star Wars: A New Hope later (that is the first Star Wars movie in chronological order dealing with year of creation, but looking at the story it is the 4th in the Star Wars series).

Watch Star Wars: Rogue One on a cinema in Amsterdam

Now Rogue One has arrived to cinemas in Amsterdam and if one would try to place this movie in the historical order then this could be counted as Star Wars 3 1/2 as the story is coming in just between the third and the fourth movie. And guess what? Since you are located in the Netherlands you can visit and watch Star Wars: A New Hope and all the other Star Wars movies on Netflix (including The Force Awakens).

What are you waiting for? Go and find a cinema somewhere in Amsterdam, watch Star Wars: Rogue One, and then go home to your hotel-room afterwards to visit and watch all the other Star Wars movies as well!

Have a great time in Amsterdam and enjoy watching Star Wars: Rogue One.

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