Willie Nelson Amsterdam 2010

Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is a hit himself, and a legend… and he will sing and play his guitar in Melkweg in Amsterdam, Holland, June 18th 2010. This will be a great event for those who like Willie Nelson, and though this might not be the rock-concert of the year, Willie will for sure give a show to remember for a long time.

Willie Nelson Amsterdam
June 18th, 20:00

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About Willie Nelson:
Willie Hugh Nelson, born in 1933, is an American country singer-songwriter, author, poet, actor and activist. He reached his greatest fame during the outlaw country movement of the 1970s, and remains iconic, especially in American popular culture.

Now in his 70s, Willie Nelson continues to tour and has performed in concerts and fundraisers with other major musicians, including Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Dave Matthews. He also continues to record albums prolifically in new genres that embrace reggae, blues, jazz, folk, and popular music.