ZZ Top Amsterdam concert 2014

ZZ Top Amsterdam

ZZ Top AmsterdamZZ Top is back, and on June 24th, the same evening as One Direction will stand on the stage of Amsterdam Arena to perform, another great band will perform in the Heineken Music Hall, ZZ Top.

Concerning popularity ZZ Top lacks quite a lot compared to One Direction, but if you speak about experience ZZ Top will be the sure winners. They have lots of experience and toured the world several times. And now they are coming to Amsterdam again. If you want to be there at the ZZ Top concert in Amsterdam on June 24th, order your tickets online from WorldTicketShop and get yourself a front row spot where you can dance, have fun, clap and see your favorite band perform.

ZZ Top Amsterdam concert 2014

Heinekem Music Hall
June 24th, 20.00


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