Depeche Mode concert in Amsterdam in 2017


On May 7th it is time for an amazing concert event in Amsterdam. Depeche Mode will perform in Ziggo Dome and you can buy your Depeche Mode tickets if you want to be there.

Depeche Mode is a British band formed in the start of the 1980s. Since then they have not really lost popularity, but it is rather increasing. It is a fact that the most visited concerts in Budapest throughout history actually has been several of the Depeche Mode concerts in the city, and the same is true for several other cities. While most artists perform in smaller venues, Depeche Mode do their concerts outdoor at the giant stadiums. That is why it is a little surprising that Depeche Mode will perform in the Ziggo Dome while in Amsterdam and not at the Amsterdam Arena.

There is however a reason for this and the reason is that Ajax Amsterdam will play against Go Ahead Eagles on Amsterdam Arena only a few hours before the Depeche Mode concert (on the same day). As a result it would be impossible to get all the preparations for the concert in order, and thus Depeche Mode will have to perform in the much smaller Ziggo Dome instead.

In addition to the Depeche Mode concert in Amsterdam the band will also perform in cities such as Paris, Prague, Bratislava, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Berlin.

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Come to the Depeche Mode concert in Amsterdam in 2017

If you would like to be there at the Depeche Mode concert in Amsterdam in 2017 then you can buy your tickets right away. At the link beneath you will be able to buy them. You might find the Depeche Mode tickets to be a bit expensive, but if it is important that you are present at this concert, then you will probably have to pay quite a bit to be there.

Location: Ziggo Dome
Date: May 7th, 19.45

Tickets: Viagogo

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