Billie Eilish Amsterdam 2025

We have a lot to look forward to in 2025, but I am convinced that many people in the Netherlands consider the three Billie Eilish concerts in the Ziggodome in Amsterdam to be among the highlights. The famous artist will tour Europe and visit cities such as London, Paris, Barcelona, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Prague, Krakow, and many others, but on May 4, 5, and 7, all eyes will look to Amsterdam! Would you like to be there at one of the Billie Eilish concerts in Amsterdam?

Billie Eilish starts her tour in Europe in Stockholm on April 23. After her days in Sweden, she will travel to Oslo (Norway), then to Copenhagen (Denmark), before she travels to Hannover (Germany) and from there to Amsterdam. All her concerts starts at 20.00 in the popular venue Ziggodome, a venue easy to access using public transportation in Amsterdam. If you want to learn more about the venue, nearby hotels and apartments, or how to get to the venue, visit our page about the Ziggodome.

Billie Eilish has lots of big hits, and her most popular video on YouTube has more than 2 billion views, while her most popular song has been listened to nearly 3 billion times. This is your chance to listen to Billie Eilish live in the Netherlands, and as you first visit the country, do not miss out on the possibility to visit Keukenhof to see the blooming tulips and other fantastic flowers and colors.

Billie Eilish Amsterdam 2025

Dates: May 4 – May 7, 2025
Venue: Ziggodome
Tickets: Viagogo (marketplace for all sorts of concert tickets).

You can buy tickets for the Billie Eilish concerts in Amsterdam using the link above. There you can also buy tickets for her other concerts worldwide, and if you’d rather find out more about other artists and buy tickets for such concerts, that is also possible.

Viagogo is a marketplace for tickets, it is not an official reseller of tickets. As a result, you buy tickets provided by other private persons or companies, and you buy them from those persons. Some consider this to be risky, so if you have doubts about it, skip the process. You can read more about Viagogo at the website and it is also smart to read both positive and negative reviews online from people who have used the service before you.

Are there any other things going on in Amsterdam in May?

There are lots of things happening throughout the year in Amsterdam. The city has more museums per citizen than any other city worldwide, and there are always interesting temporary exhibitions, and also lots of concerts, festivals, and events. You can read more about some of the things going on in Amsterdam in our Amsterdam calendar.

Would you rather like to learn more about the popular activities and attractions in Amsterdam available all-year around? You can read more about all of this and many other topics of interest to tourists here in our Amsterdam Guide.

Usher Amsterdam

Usher will have five concerts in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam in April 2025. The popular artist who was born in 1978 has had a fantastic career, and in 2025, he will visit a few cities in Europe on his short Europe-tour. Luckily, Amsterdam is one of the cities, and the five concerts will give his fans in the Netherlands and in neighboring countries a chance to listen to this popular singer in one of the busiest concert venues in Europe before the summer arrives in 2025.

Usher has had a fantastic career, but he is still young, meaning that we can expect to listen to his music for many decades still. His biggest hit is the song “Yeah!” which has been played nearly 1 billion times on YouTube and more than 1,2 billion times on Spotify.

Are you looking for tickets for one of the Usher concerts in Amsterdam? You can use the link below to buy tickets for the different concerts in Amsterdam. Would you like to learn more about how you can travel to Ziggo Dome using public transportation or find recommendations for accommodation nearby? Look at our article about Ziggo Dome instead.

Usher Amsterdam 2025

Dates: April 22 – April 28, 2025
Location: Ziggo Dome
Tickets: Viagogo (an online marketplace for tickets)

April is a fantastic month to visit Amsterdam. But, if you come to Amsterdam in April, you should also visit the most famous park in the Netherlands for tulips, Keukenhof. You can read more about great activities in Amsterdam in April by clicking the link.

Would you rather find out more about other upcoming events in Amsterdam? Find out what’s going on in Amsterdam to read about exhibitions, markets, festivals, and other happenings in the Dutch capital.

Justin Timberlake Amsterdam 2024

Justin Timberlake is a famous singer and movie star, and in 2024, he is coming to Amsterdam again. He will have three concerts in the popular Ziggodome, and it will be a fantastic opportunity for fans from all across Europe to listen to Justin Timberlake! He will visit some cities in Europe, but not many, so take advantage of this opportunity to see and listen to him live in one of the most awesome cities in Europe.

Justin Timberlake comes to Europe this summer and he will do several concerts on the continent. Amsterdam might be the luckiest city of them all because he will do three concerts in our city, much more than most other cities. Lots of other big and important European cities such as Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Oslo, Budapest, and Prague stand without any Justin Timberlake concerts at all this year, so those in Amsterdam in August should consider themselves lucky.

Justin Timberlake Amsterdam 2024

Dates: August 15 – 18, 2024
Location: Ziggodome
Tickets: Viagogo

You can buy tickets for all the Justin Timberlake concerts worldwide using the link above. This isn’t an official source for tickets, but instead a marketplace where buyers and sellers meet, and thus, you will find tickets available for the Justin Timberlake concerts in Amsterdam at the page, even though they are officially sold out.

Six important events in the life of Justin Timberlake.

Nobody turns into a star overnight, and Justin Timberlake has also reached his popularity step-by-step. Here are six important events in Justin Timberlake’s life, listed in chronological order.

  1. Joining the Mickey Mouse Club (1993): At the age of 12, Justin Timberlake joined the cast of Disney Channel’s “The Mickey Mouse Club,” where he met future stars like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Ryan Gosling.
  2. Formation of NSYNC (1995): Timberlake became a member of the boy band NSYNC in 1995. The group went on to achieve immense success in the late 1990s and early 2000s, becoming one of the best-selling boy bands in history.
  3. Solo Career Takeoff (2002): Timberlake released his debut solo album, “Justified,” in 2002, which included hit singles like “Cry Me a River” and “Rock Your Body.” The album’s success marked the beginning of his highly successful solo career.
  4. Super Bowl XXXVIII Halftime Show (2004): Timberlake performed at the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show with Janet Jackson. The infamous “wardrobe malfunction” incident occurred during their performance, leading to widespread controversy and media attention.
  5. Acting Career (2006-present): Timberlake began his acting career with roles in films such as “Alpha Dog” (2006), “The Social Network” (2010), and “Friends with Benefits” (2011). He received critical acclaim for his performances and established himself as a versatile actor.
  6. Marriage and Family (2012-present): In 2012, Timberlake married actress Jessica Biel. They have since welcomed two sons, Silas Randall Timberlake, born in 2015, and Phineas Timberlake, born in 2020. His family life has become an important aspect of his personal identity.

How can I get to the concert venue for the Justin Timberlake concerts in Amsterdam?

The venue is Ziggodome, a very popular venue for concerts in Amsterdam. You can read more about how you can get there using public transportation, and also about hotels and apartments nearby at our page about Ziggodome.

Are there any other events in Amsterdam in August?

There are lots of things happening in Amsterdam all the time. We cannot write about all of them here in our Amsterdam Guide, but we try to mention the most important events. Look at our calendar of events in Amsterdam to find out more about important events, concerts, exhibitions, and other programs in the Dutch capital.

Will Justin Timberlake do any other concerts close to the Netherlands?

Justin Timberlake will not do a lot of concerts in Europe in 2024, but if you are unable to be there as he comes to the ZIggodome in the Netherlands, the best option is to travel to Antwerp in Belgium where he will do two concerts on August 3 and 4. You can buy tickets for both of those concerts using the link above.

If you are unable to be there at any of the Justin Timberlake concerts, you can still see Justin Timberlake all year round in Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam!

Nicki Minaj Amsterdam 2024

The fantastic singer and rapper Micki Minaj is coming to Amsterdam to have several concerts in the Ziggo Dome this year. The first concert is arranged on May 23, and the second concert on June 2. Would you like to be there on one of the concerts? Or are you a Nicki Minaj fan who would like to be there at both her concerts in Amsterdam?

Nicki Minaj was born in 1982 in Trinidad and Tobago. She moved to the United States at an age of five, and she had her big international breakthrough with the album “Pink Friday” that was released in 2010. Since then, her career has been fantastic, and she is one of the biggest stars in the world today in the music business.

The Nicki Minaj concert in Amsterdam on May 23 is her first in Europe this year. After the first concert in the Ziggo Dome she will travel to Manchester, Birmingham, London, Glasgow, Manchester, and Paris, before she returns for her second concert in Amsterdam. You can buy tickets for all these events using the ticket link below.

Nicki Minaj concerts in Amsterdam 2024

Location: Ziggo Dome
Date: May 23 & June 2, 2024
Tickets: Viagogo (an online ticket marketplace)

Find out more about other concerts and events in Amsterdam here. Do not forget to add some additional days as you come to Amsterdam so that you have time to enjoy a boat trip on the canals of Amsterdam, visit the fantastic Rijksmuseum, and borrow a bike to explore Amsterdam on your own.

Olivia Rodrigo Amsterdam 2024

Are you ready for an exciting musical experience in Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome? Olivia Rodrigo, a talented singer and actress, is set to perform two electrifying concerts there. The Ziggo Dome is a popular venue known for its impressive capacity, able to hold thousands of eager fans. Would you like to be there in May when Olivia Rodrigo comes to Amsterdam? This article has information about the concert, the venue, tickets for the concerts, and more!

Olivia rose to fame with her heartfelt songs, notably “Drivers License,” which captured the hearts of many. With her captivating voice and relatable lyrics, she’s become a sensation in the music industry. Get ready to immerse yourself in an unforgettable evening filled with soulful melodies and energetic performances.

Olivia Rodrigo Amsterdam 2024

  • Location: Ziggo Dome
  • Dates: May 24 & 25
  • Tickets: Viagogo

Are you interested in reading more about the Ziggo Dome? Would you like to find out how you can travel to the venue using public transportation, or if there are any good hotels or apartments nearby? Read our article about the Ziggo Dome to find out more.

Many things are happening in Amsterdam at this time of the year. You can read about other concerts and events in Amsterdam besides the Olivia Rodrigo concerts in our Amsterdam calendar.

The concerts with Olivia Rodrigo are part of a big tour she has in Europe in 2024. Before she comes to Amsterdam, she will perform in cities such as London, Antwerp, Manchester, and Glasgow. When she is finished with her concerts in Amsterdam, Olivia will visit other fantastic cities such as Paris, Madrid, München, Barcelona, and Lisbon.

Andre Rieu Amsterdam 2025

From the historic streets of Vienna to the romantic canals of Venice, André Rieu brings his spellbinding melodies to the heart of Europe once more, enchanting audiences with his electrifying performances and irresistible charm. As he embarks on his latest concert tour in 2024/25, Rieu invites music aficionados of all ages to immerse themselves in the timeless beauty of classical music, promising nights of celebration, inspiration, and pure musical delight.

Andre Rieu will perform several times in the Netherlands during his tour, but nearly all his concerts will be in Maastricht where he will have several concerts before Christmas in 2024, and several weeks of concerts during the summer of 2024. If you live in Amsterdam and want to listen to Andre Rieu, you must wait until the start of 2024, because that is when Andre Rieu comes to Amsterdam to play and host a concert in the popular Ziggo Dome. After the Amsterdam concert he will travel to Antwerp in Belgium, and after that, it will be time for a break before he most likely starts touring Europe and the world once again.

Andre Rieu Amsterdam 2025

  • Date: January 11
  • Location: Ziggo Dome

Where can I buy tickets for the Andre Rieu concert in Amsterdam?

Would you like to buy a ticket for the Andre Rieu concert in Amsterdam, or maybe one in Maastricht, or elsewhere in Europe? You can buy tickets for all the Andre Rieu concerts worldwide at Viagogo.

Would you like to book a hotel close to the Ziggo Dome? You can read more about the venue and how to get there in our Ziggo Dome article. Would you like to read more about other concerts and events in Amsterdam? Take a look at our Amsterdam calendar to read about other cool festivals, concerts, and sports events.

Scooter concert Amsterdam 2024

Why not start the first weekend in April 2024 with a boom as Scooter enters the stage in ZiggoDome in Amsterdam? The band will tour Europe in 2024 and the tour starts in the end of March in Germany, and then quickly turns towards Amsterdam and the Netherlands. After the concert in Amsterdam, the band will travel to Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, take a little break, and then go to have a summer concert in Budapest Park in Budapest on June 1.

I am not a big Scooter fan myself, but I still remember the song Hyper Hyper from my childhood. Will they play this song in Amsterdam? I cannot say anything for sure, but it is always awesome when bands combine their new songs with old favorites.

If you want to travel to Amsterdam for the Scooter concert, look around in our Amsterdam Guide to find more information about all the attractions, activities, museums, and recommended programs in the Dutch capital. If you want to experience more concerts, festivals, exhibitions, or programs in Amsterdam in 2024, look at our Amsterdam calendar to find out what’s going on.

Scooter concert in Amsterdam 2024

Date: April 5
Location: ZiggoDome

Tickets: Viagogo (this is a marketplace where you can buy tickets for all the Scooter concerts from others).

If you want to find a hotel close to the concert venue, look at our page about the ZiggoDome to learn more about the concert venue, how to get there with public transportation, and to find out more about hotels and apartments close to the concert venue.

Lenny Kravitz Amsterdam

Are you ready to spend the first day of July 2024 together with Lenny Kravitz in the fantastic ZiggoDome in Amsterdam? The popular artist starts his tour in Europe during the summer of 2024 in Germany in June, but the concert in Amsterdam will only be a few days later. In other words, this is one of the best places to go if you want to be among the first fans to experience Lenny Kravitz during his Blue Electric Light Tour in 2024.

Lenny Kravitz has a really cool career in music. He started making music in the late 1980s and became famous in the 1990s. Lenny is not just a singer – he’s also a songwriter and plays many instruments like the guitar, drums, and keyboard. His first album, “Let Love Rule,” came out in 1989, and people loved it. It had a mix of rock, funk, and soul, showing off Lenny’s unique style. He kept making great music, and one of his biggest hits is “Fly Away,” which won a Grammy Award in 1999.

Lenny Kravitz is known for his awesome fashion sense too. He has a cool and stylish look that stands out. Apart from music, he also tried acting and appeared in movies like “The Hunger Games.”

Would you like to be there at the Lenny Kravitz concert in Amsterdam? This is your chance!

Lenny Kravitz concert in Amsterdam 2024

  • Date: July 1
  • Location: ZiggoDome

Where can I buy tickets for the Lenny Kravitz concert in Amsterdam?

Have you tried to buy tickets for the events from the official sources, but there are no tickets left? The best place to buy tickets for this Lenny Kravitz concert and other Lenny Kravitz concerts in Europe is on the largest secondary marketplace for tickets online named Viagogo. The prices are higher than if you would have bought them directly, but if there are no tickets left and you are desperate to be there at the concert, that might be your only option.

Are there any good hotels near the concert venue?

If you want to live in a hotel or an apartment close to the concert venue, you can read more about the ZiggoDome and hotels nearby in our article about the concert venue itself. Click the link to find out more.

What is the best way to get to the concert venue?

It is very convenient to use the public transportation in Amsterdam. You can travel to the concert venue using the metro system and then you need to prepare to walk for a couple of minutes before you get to the concert venue itself.

Are there any other things happening in Amsterdam at this time of the year?

There are always things happening in Amsterdam. You can read more about what’s going on in Amsterdam here in our Amsterdam Guide. Click the link to find out more. If you want basic information about the city, transportation, attractions, programs, and museums, use the menu to find exactly what you are looking for.

30 Seconds to Mars Amsterdam 2024

Jared Leto and his brother will come to Amsterdam in 2024. Would you like to be there in the Ziggo Dome as they sing, perform, and create a fantastic show for which they are so famous?

We don’t know which songs they will play in Amsterdam, but hopefully some of the old hits like “The Kill (Bury Me)”, “This Is War”, “Kings and Queens”, “A Beautiful Lie”, “Closer to the Edge”, “From Yesterday”, “City of Angels”, “Walk on Water”, “Up in the Air”, and “Hurricane” will be on the playlist for the evening.

The tour starts in Glasgow on April 16, and there will be a couple of stops in the United Kingdom before the band comes to Amsterdam on April 25. There is space for nearly 20,000 spectators in Ziggo Dome, so this will be one of the biggest concerts during this tour. If you are unable to be there at the concert in Amsterdam, you can easily drive to Brussels where the band will perform in Forest National 24 hours after the Amsterdam concert.

30 Seconds to Mars Amsterdam 2024

Date: April 25
Location: Ziggo Dome

Where to buy tickets to the concert?

You should try to buy from the official sources first. But, if all tickets are sold out for the event, then it is possible to buy tickets at the largest secondary marketplace online for tickets named Viagogo. There you can also buy tickets for all the other concerts of the band in 2024.

Are there any other things I should do as I visit Amsterdam?

Of course, Amsterdam is a fantastic city with many fantastic attractions and programs waiting for you. During this time of the year, you should also find out whether it is possible to visit the fantastic Keukenhof as well. Of course, one might think that the typical 30 Seconds to Mars fan doesn’t have much interest in tulips in Keukenhof, but still, if you visit the Netherlands during this time of the year it is definitely something you should check out.

Are there any good hotels close to Ziggo Dome?

You can read more about the concert venue, recommended hotels and apartments nearby, and also about other upcoming concerts in the venue on our page about Ziggo Dome.

Depeche Mode Amsterdam

Depeche Mode has been to Amsterdam several times, and in 2024, the band will once again return to the capital of the Netherlands. The event takes place in Ziggo Dome, and as the people party and dance to the music, few will probably think about the fact that the city is built on millions of poles keeping the concert venue and the rest of Amsterdam above water level.

Does it sound cool to be in Amsterdam to visit the Rijksmuseum and the Red Light District, and then to listen to Depeche Mode and your favorite songs as they sing and perform in Ziggo Dome? The concert is arranged on the eighth day of February, on something that will hopefully be a beautiful Thursday with nice weather and smiling people all across Amsterdam.

If you are unable to visit Amsterdam for the concert, you could consider listening to Depeche Mode two days earlier in the city of Antwerpen in Belgium. The city is well known for its diamonds, but on February 6, the Belgian city will be packed with Depeche Mode fans. If you arrive at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, it takes less than 2 hours to drive to Antwerpen.

All tickets for the Depeche Mode concerts in Amsterdam were sold out within a few hours, meaning there are no tickets left at the official ticket offices. Would you still like to be there in Ziggo Dome, or maybe at the concert in Antwerpen? You can buy tickets for both events second-hand at Viagogo.

Depeche Mode Amsterdam 2024

Date: February 8
Location: Ziggo Dome

Would you like to read more about other concerts and events in Amsterdam? We have written about lots of things happening in Amsterdam in our Amsterdam Guide. You can also read about famous attractions and interesting museums in our guide.