Exhibition on the late works of Rembrandt

Late Rembrandt

Late RembrandtThis year the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam will show an exhibition on the late works of Rembrandt from the middle of February to the middle of May.

For twenty years a complete Rembrandt exhibition will be shown again to the visitors giving a chance for everyone to get to know the greatest artist of the Dutch Golden Age. This will be the first exhibition dedicated only the late works of Rembrandt. Rembrandt was a Dutch painter who was born in 1606 and he died in 1669. Rembrandt is one of the most outstanding and most influential painters of all time and this will be the first time a whole exhibition will be dedicated only to his late art works. More than 100 various paintings, drawings and prints that were brought to Amsterdam from different museums and private collectors from all over the world will be shown at the exhibition. At this major exhibition visitors will have the chance to discover the most beautiful master pieces of Rembrandt. The exhibition on the late works of Rembrandt will take place at Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam from 12th February to 17th May in 2015.

Postbus 74888, 1070 DN Amsterdam, Holland

For more information on the exhibition and the museum check the official site.

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