Il Divo concert in Amsterdam 2016

Il Divo concert in Amsterdam

On May 25th it is time for the Il Divo concert in Amsterdam in 2016. The venue is the fantastic Ziggo Dome and you are invited to come and listen.

The Ziggo Dome is a fantastic venue which has taken over as the most popular concert venue for concert in Amsterdam after its opening a few years ago. Until then the Heineken Music Hall was the venue for all such events, but since then things have changed and now Il Divo will come to Ziggo Dome as well (instead of Heineken Music Hall).

On May 25th at 20.00 the Il Divo concert in Amsterdam is supposed to start and you can buy tickets to this and all other Il Divo concerts in Europe using the WorldTicketShop link a bit further down in this article.

If you want to grab hold of some Il Divo articles, effects or music then you can buy them from or from (and you can actually visit in English). Just press the links for more information and to get started.

Il Divo concert in Amsterdam
Il Divo will come to Amsterdam

Il Divo concert in Amsterdam 2016

Ziggo dome
May 25th, 20.00

Tickets: WorldTicketShop

For more information about Amsterdam look around in our Amsterdam Guide. If you want to know more about Prague and maybe listen to Il Divo as they perform there on May 30th, visit the Prague Guide. They will also perform in Krakow the day after the concert in Prague, so if you want to listen to Il Divo in Krakow then the Krakow Guide is the website you will want to visit.

Enjoy the attractions and activities of Amsterdam and if you have a comment or question, just use the comment field beneath.

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