Nickelback concert in Amsterdam 2013

Nickelback Amsterdam 2013

Nickelback Amsterdam 2013The capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam is just like the Venice of Western-Europe. The lots of canals, the nice little bridges and the beautiful and traditional buildings make unforgettable the holiday in Amsterdam for everyone. But of course not just the flower market and the Van Gogh museum are interesting in this city, because there are several great programs here, for example fantastic pubs and concerts of famous artists. In this autumn another successful band will arrive to the capital of Netherlands, the famous Canadian group, the Nickelback.

The Nickelback was founded in 1995 and they are still successful. They are still the most popular Canadian rock band. They released several albums during their twenty year career. Their last work is the double album Greatest Hits from 2012. If you want to see your favorites live, than here comes the time, because the Nickelback will start a worldwide tour in this autumn, and naturally the boys will visit Europe too, where one station will be the Dutch capital, Amsterdam.

Do not miss the Nickelback’s hilarious concert at 18 November 2013 at the Ziggodome. The Ziggo Dome is a very young stadium in Amsterdam; it’s less than one year old, because the stadium opened in 2012 summer. Its capacity is 17,000 people. Do not think about it too much; buy your ticket now, because there are lauds of people who are interested in this fantastic concert! Have a great time!

Nickelback concert

November 18th

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