Deep Purple concert in Amsterdam 2017

On June 2nd Deep Purple will sing and play in the Ziggodome in Amsterdam. Would you like to be there in the audience to enjoy the Deep Purple concert in Amsterdam?

Deep Purple is on a big tour all around the world in 2017. Not only will they visit lots of cities in Europe, but once they are finished in Europe the band will travel to the United States to perform there in August and September in 2017.

The concerts in Europe will start with their performance in Bucharest in Romania in May, followed by an event in Zagreb and then later in Vienna, before the band will travel on and visit nations such as France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and the Netherlands. And yes, on June 2nd the band will arrive to Amsterdam to perform in the Ziggodome. Would you like to be there in the audience on the second of June?

If you press the ticket link beneath you will get to a site where you can buy tickets for all the Deep Purple concerts in 2017, including the concert in Amsterdam. If you want to do something more while in Amsterdam, then you can also find tickets for all Ajax Amsterdam matches at the mentioned website.

Deep Purple concert in Amsterdam
Make sure to buy the Deep Purple album Infinite and listen to it a lot before the Deep Purple concert in Amsterdam

Deep Purple concert in Amsterdam

June 2nd, 20.00


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Deep Purple Amsterdam 2012

Deep purple Amsterdam
Deep Purple Amsterdam

On December 4th in 2012 Deep Purple will come to the Ziggodome in Amsterdam, Netherlands to perform there. This could be a nice pre-Christmas activity in Amsterdam, and maybe a pre-Christmas gift to some hard-core Deep Purple fans. If you would like to be there on this Deep Purple concert, you better order your ticket early, because it will get packed.

Deep Purple Amsterdam
December 4th, 2012

Tickets: – WorldTicketShop

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