Eros Ramazotti Amsterdam 2013

Eros Ramazotti, the forever young talent, who charm million people with his voice. He was born in the suburb of Rome in 1963. As a musician, he reached his first success in 1982, when he reached the finals of the music festival of Castrocaro with his song, the Rock’80. After that, he signed a contact with the DDD records and moved to Milan. His success is constant from the early times.

His new album, the Noi has released in November 2012 and it has a success. The popularizing tour is going to start in this spring. Its one stop is the Mecca of cyclists, the capital of Netherlands: Amsterdam! The concert date is 20 April 2013 in the Ziggo Dome.

The Ziggo Dome is Amsterdam’s newest attractions, it has just opened in the last year. Its capacity is 17 thousand people. The first foreigner band was the Pearl Jam in it. However the arena is quite young, it has several famous artists coming by in 2013.
If you would come to Amsterdam a few days before the concert, rent a bike, because this is the easiest way to discover this beautiful city. Visit the Heineken Museum and the canals, enjoy the hospitality of calm and kind Dutch people. Before your journey, get more information about the weather in the time when you will in Amsterdam, because it could be very changeable. Amsterdam is a windy and rainy city, but it has several indoor programs, so you won’t get bored.

Organize an Amsterdam trip with the Eros Ramazotti concert to your and your friends,’ family’s pleasure.

Eros Ramazotti Amsterdam 2013

APril 20th

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Eros Ramazotti concert in Amsterdam