Frederico Barocci exhibition at Amsterdam

The capital of Netherlands, the beautiful Amsterdam is like the Venice of Western Europe. The city with the canals is amazing, so when somebody travels here, he or she always wants to come back. Beautiful buildings, nice people and great programs wait for tourists; for example in the National Gallery of Amsterdam, where visitors can see the famous Italian painter, Frederico Barocci’s masterpieces.

Maybe not everybody knows Frederico Barocci’s name, but he was a very popular renaissance painter around the 16th and 17th century. The artist was born in the Italian city, Urbino and he died here in 1612. He studied, lived and worked for example in Rome. He left back several beautifully created paintings. The collection of his works was exhibited only in Italy – so far.

Between 27 February 2013 and 19 May 2013 visitors can see the talented painter’s amazing pictures in the capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam, in the National Gallery.

Organize a lovely holiday to Amsterdam with your family, friends or love. Cruise on the channel, see the tiniest home building, which is slightly larger than a door, walk near the canal and across the wonderful bridges, shop black or other interesting colored tulips, find treasures at the flea market, and when the wooden clogs are pinch, visit the National Gallery and enjoy the Italian renaissance man’s amazing works. Have a great time!

Frederico Barocci exhibition
February 27th – May 19th
National Gallery