Mark Knopfler Amsterdam 2013

Mark Knopfler Amsterdam 2013
Mark Knopfler Amsterdam 2013
Only two days after Mark Knopfler has entered the stage in Sportpaleis Antwerpen he will move some kilometres to perform in Amsterdam. The new concert venue named Ziggodome will be the venue, and it will be packed as Mark Knopfler enters the stage. This man is a legend among musicans around the world, and he is not only a good musician, but Mark Knopfler is also an amazing singer. Not only can the man play his guitar and use his voice, the guy is also extremely talented at writing songs, so is he a well known song writer… as we said, a legend.

So I guess you can easily understand why you should be there on May 14th as Mark Knopfler enters the stage in the Ziggodome in Amsterdam. It is going to be one amazing event, and you are invited to come. Mark is in fact 63 years old, and watching him makes me wanna stay just as fit, happy and healthy as he does in an age of 63. Come, watch, listen and be inspired.

The stop in Amsterdam is only one of many stops on his Europe tour in 2013. He will also do concerts in Prague, Berlin, London, Antwerpen, Vienna, Frankfurt and lots of other cities.

If you would like to listen to Mark Knopfler, order your tickets today from one of the sites mentioned further down in this article. On those sites you can not only buy tickets for the Mark Knopfler concert in Amsterdam, but also order tickets for the rest of the Mark Knopfler concerts around in Europe in 2013.

Mark Knopfler Amsterdam 2013

May 14th

Tickets: WorldTicketShop – Seatwave.comViagogo

Mark Knopfler visited Amsterdam last time in June 2010, and then he had three concerts in Heineken Music Hall. This time it will only be one concert, so make sure not to miss out on this one!

Mark Knopfler Amsterdam 2010

Mark Knopfler Amsterdam
Mark Knopfler Amsterdam

Mark Knopfler will not only perform once in Amsterdam in 2010, but three times. The first Mark Knopfler concert will be arranged June 28th, and the last June 30th, meaning that the second concert will be held June 29th. The venue for the Mark Knopfler concerts in Amsterdam is Heineken Music Hall, and tickets are still available for the different events.

Mark Knopfler in Budapest

Mark Knopfler Amsterdam
June 28, 29, 30 – 20:00
Heineken Music Hall

Tickets June 28: WorldTicketShop
Tickets June 29: WorldTicketShop
Tickets June 30: WorldTicketShop

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