Miley Cyrus Amsterdam concert 2014

Have you ever tried typing Myley Cyrus on your keyboard? It is so hard, it feels like it has to go wrong. Let me try again. Myley Cyrus, Miley Crus, Myles Cyrus, Myles Yctus, Myles Cyrus… it is so easy to misspell it. Try it yourself? Not so important really, but it feels really hard to type Miley Cyrus on the keyboard.

In the start of May in 2014 Miley Cyrus will come to Amsterdam on something called the Bangerz tour. On May 2nd at 20.00 the party will break loose in the Ziggodome in Amsterdam and this is the first of the real cool upcoming events in Amsterdam in May. If you want to be there to check out the event, you can buy your admission pass using the link further down on the page. Enjoy the concert and enjoy Amsterdam.

Miley Cyrus Amsterdam concert 2014

Miley Cyrus Amsterdam

May 2nd, 20.00