Art fair in Amsterdam

Realisme AmsterdamThe art fair “Realisme” will be organised again this year in the middle of January in Amsterdam. This is the only art fair not only arranged in Amsterdam, but in the whole Netherlands.

The art fair is devoted to contemporary, figurative and realistic art. The art fair represents the most talented Dutch and other international painters and over 27 national and international galleries show the most outstanding pieces of the realistic, figurative and contemporary art. This will be the 12th time the fair art Realisme will be held in Amsterdam and it became one of the most popular cultural movement in the life of the city. Figurative and realistic art have long history that is rooted back to the Netherlands and at Realisme visitors have the chance to discover the most beautiful art works of realistic and figurative art. The art fair takes place in Amsterdam in the Passenger Terminal which gives home to several events during the winter.

The fair will be held from 15th January to 18th January in 2015 and it is open every day from 11 in the morning until 7 in the evening except on Friday when it is open until 8 in the evening. The entrance fee for the fair is € 12 for adults and for children up to 12 is free.

Passenger Terminal
Piet Heinkade 27, 1019 BR Amsterdam, Holland

For more information on the fair art check the official site.