Where can I watch Ajax-Borussia Dortmund online tonight?

I am a big Ajax fan and I would love to see their match against Borussia Dortmund tonight on the web. Do you have the address of a webpage where I can see the match since I can not be in Amsterdam Arena myself to see the match there?

Thank you for the question. It is possible to see the match live and the dutch channel NOS will broadcast the match live on their webpage tonight. They have quite a lot of live streams and it is not always so easy to find, but further down in the article you will find the link leading you to the exact site where you can see the match between Ajax and Borussia Dortmund tonight.

We are not sure if this will be a problem or not, but in some cases it is impossible to watch such streams from outside the Netherlands. Often television channels add a so called geo-block on their broadcasts, meaning that only people with a Dutch IP address can see the match and other live events on their webpage. If this is the problem, then you should read our article about how to get a Dutch IP address. In that article we easily explain how this can be fixed within 5-10 minutes which again means that you can watch this match and any other program on the net available to people with a Dutch IP address only.

Tonight you can see Ajax Amsterdam - Borussia Dortmund here
Tonight you can see Ajax Amsterdam – Borussia Dortmund here instead of this boring message

This concept is well know, because loads of TV channels do the same. For example yesterday our friends in the London Guide published an article about how to watch ITV online, and there they also wrote about how to watch it from outside the UK. The principle is the same, and with the local UK IP address we could for example watch the match between Juventus and Chelsa on the net yesterday.

Good luck and we will report back tonight as the match starts to say whether this works for everyone wherever they are in the world, or if this broadcast showing tonight’s match between Ajax Amsterdam and Borussia Dortmund requires a local IP address. But still, if the latter is true, it is still easy to arrange with, so just read our article about how to get a Dutch IP address and go for it!

Here are some useful links:
NOS Sport Champions League live stream
HideMyAss (program which will give you Dutch IP address against small charge)
How to get a Dutch IP address?

Go Ajax!

3 thoughts on “Where can I watch Ajax-Borussia Dortmund online tonight?”

  1. Hello! The live stream does not seem to work… do I need a dutch IP address for it to work? Will it work if I follow the instructions in the article, or is it only the feed which is bad?

  2. Thank you for writing! We just tried it, and if you try to see the broadcast from outside Holland you will get an error message telling that the connection can not be made and try again later (message coming in Dutch language). We then tried to connect with HideMyAss and followed the instructions from the article about how to get a Dutch IP address, and it then worked perfectly. So, if you want to watch the match, just go ahead 🙂

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