Rihanna concerts Amsterdam 2013

Rihanna concerts in Amsterdam 2013

Rihanna will visit lots of European cities on her tour in 2013, and in most places she will only do one concert. But luckily for us she will do two concerts as she comes to Amsterdam. So, if you want to listen to Rihanna live in Amsterdam in 2013 you better come to town on either June 23rd or 24th to check it out. The concert venue for the Rihanna concerts will be the Ziggodome.

A good question is why the Rihanna concerts will be arranged there. In lots of other European cities the Rihanna concert will be arranged on large outdoor venues. In Paris Rihanna will perform at Stade de France, in London she will perform at Twickenham Stadium (twice) and in Dublin at Aviva Stadium. But, in Amsterdam the concerts are arranged in Ziggodome instead of the popular Amsterdam Arena. Who knows why, maybe some financial decision is what made it like that. Anyway, it will be two amazing events and we look forward to them and you are of course invited to be there. Tickets to the Rihanna concerts can be bought using the links beneath this text.

Rihanna Amsterdam 2013
June 23rd and June 24th

Tickets: ViagogoSeatwave.com – WorldTicketShop

Rihanna concerts in Amsterdam 2013
Rihanna concerts in Amsterdam 2013

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