Which is the best VPN provider in the Netherlands?

best dutch vpn

I noticed that you wrote an article about how to get a Dutch IP address. My question is which VPN provider is the best for the Netherlands? I am going to stay there for seven days in a hotel with free wireless Internet connection, but heard that it is not safe really to use such a connection, so which VPN provider should I use to secure my Internet connection and privacy while staying in Amsterdam? This is also important because I will do some work during my stay, which means I will have to use my credit card online, and I would rather not have anyone stealing that information as I use the open networks and hotspots around. Thanks a lot for your help!

best dutch vpnThat was a brilliant question, and as you said, very important to protect your information and privacy even while out traveling using WiFi in hotels and restaurants. This is not really our subject, so I will just write an answer based on information I have been “stealing” from the IP Address Guide in their article on how to get a Dutch IP address. In their article they tested several VPN providers for their speeds and also amount of servers and IP addresses in the Netherlands, and based on their results I would say that the best VPN provider in the Netherlands is IPVanish. It might be surprising as the article itself recommends the usage of HideMyAss, but as I see their speeds can be a bit unstable, so I would rather go for IPVanish which seems to have a stable download speed and is very easy to use. You can of course use HideMyAss as well, since they are the biggest provider with several servers and several thousands IP addresses in the Netherlands available, so you will always find server with great speeds, but it might require quite a lot of connecting and disconnecting and trying the different servers before you find the right one, so that is why I believe that IPVanish might be just as good.

Not sure if this information will help you or not. If you want to know more about one of the services, read the IPVanish or the HideMyAss review written by Christine Wilson.

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