5 things to try while in Amsterdam

Amstel Beer

Amsterdam is a prosperous and beautiful city. Do you wonder what to do while in Amsterdam? Read on and find out five things that you should try while in town.

1. Cruise on the Canal.

Yes, this is the program, what you can’t miss, when you are tourist in Amsterdam. As you probably know, the city has an enormous canal system, and that is why the city is often called the Venice of Western Europe. Here people don’t use gondola, so if you want to tour the canals you will need to pay for a cruise on the Canal.

Cruise Amsterdam

2. Cycling

The main vehicle in Netherlands is bicycle. They keep this rule very seriously, for example the public transportation is waiting for the cyclist to reach his/her destination, even if they have to use the tram way for it. However, be careful, because people don’t like clumsy cyclists in Amsterdam.

3. Foods

Have you ever heard about the Dutch special foods? They exist and very healthy! Because Netherlands is located next to the North Sea, the fish consumption stays on high level in the country. If you like fish, you definitely should taste the fish foods in Amsterdam. The quality and freshness is guaranteed, because the meal what you eat for lunch, swam in the sea in the morning. The different sea foods and fish specialties could be delicious even for those, who don’t even like fish.

4. Beers.

Amstel BeerAs probably you know, Amsterdam is the home of famous Heineken beer. Maybe you get surprised, when we say it, but that is not the best Dutch beer. When you are in the land of clogs, you definitely should taste the other, not the famous Dutch and Belgian beer specialties. Because Netherlands is part of the BeNeLux states, it is naturally that you can reach easily the Belgian beers too.

5. Cheese

We can say Netherlands is Cheese Nation. The giant, mill will size cheese specialties often show up in the streets when you run into a cheese store. These fantastic cheeses are not too expensive either, because in Netherlands these are not shortage. There are cheese rollers, what you only can break, because knifes can’t do the job. If you like special gastronomical experiences, let’s taste the Dutch cheeses when you are in Amsterdam, even you should buy a little of it for those who stayed at home, so you can enjoy together the delicious cheeses with a little grape, walnuts and tasty wine.

Netherlands is not a big country, but luckily there are plenty of thing to do. If you use this compilation with the other about 5 places to visit in Amsterdam, we guarantee that you will have an unforgettable holiday in the land of tulips!

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