Lady Gaga in Amsterdam 2014

Lady GaGa

Lady Gaga is touring with her new album which came out this year the artRave.

Lady GaGaThere will be several concerts all around the world, she started her tour in the United States and now she is giving concerts in Europe. There will be many shows in different European countries and cities. There will be many gigs in the United Kingdom and in Germany as well but she will also give a huge show in Amsterdam, Holland too. The show in Amsterdam will be held on 24th of September in the Ziggo Dome.

There are different tickets in different prices you can choose from. The Ziggo Dome is a 17000 seat multi-use arena in Amsterdam. Tickets are still available and it is a must see performance for those who love Lady Gaga or enjoying big concerts with arenas full with people all around the world. For more information about the show and the tickets visit the original site where you can check on the other tour dates and destinations as well.

Lady Gaga Amsterdam

Tickets: WorldTicketShop

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