Lady Gaga concert in Amsterdam

Lady Gaga concertOn October 3rd Lady Gaga will perform in Ziggodome in Amsterdam. Would you like to be among the thousands of fans present in the arena?

Lady Gaga is a very debated artist, but most people still agree that she is a real showbiz lady and with a great talent at entertaining. Whether or not she has a terrific voice is another question, but luckily we do not have to debate that right here. The chance is however that you reading this article like the voice of Lady Gaga, and that you would love to be there at the Lady Gaga concert in Amsterdam on October 3rd. If that is so, then we have some good news. There are still tickets available for the event, and you can buy them using the Viagogo link further down in this article.

Before coming to Amsterdam Lady Gaga will perform in quite a lot of cities around in Europe. The first concert will be in Barcelona, and after that she will go to Zurich. Before arriving to Amsterdam she will perform in Antwerpen in Belgium on October 1st.

Lady Gaga Amsterdam 2017

October 3rd, 19.30

Tickets: Viagogo

To buy tickets for any of the Lady Gaga events in Europe in 2017 simply press the link above and do a search for Lady Gaga. You will then be able to purchase tickets for any of her concerts in Europe, including the concert in Ziggodome in Amsterdam on October 3rd.

Lady Gaga in Amsterdam 2014

Lady Gaga is touring with her new album which came out this year the artRave.

Lady GaGaThere will be several concerts all around the world, she started her tour in the United States and now she is giving concerts in Europe. There will be many shows in different European countries and cities. There will be many gigs in the United Kingdom and in Germany as well but she will also give a huge show in Amsterdam, Holland too. The show in Amsterdam will be held on 24th of September in the Ziggo Dome.

There are different tickets in different prices you can choose from. The Ziggo Dome is a 17000 seat multi-use arena in Amsterdam. Tickets are still available and it is a must see performance for those who love Lady Gaga or enjoying big concerts with arenas full with people all around the world. For more information about the show and the tickets visit the original site where you can check on the other tour dates and destinations as well.

Lady Gaga Amsterdam

Tickets: WorldTicketShop

Lady Gaga Amsterdam 2012

Lady Gaga in Amsterdam 2012
Lady Gaga in Amsterdam 2012

The Ziggo Dome is a brand new concert venue in Amsterdam, and maybe the most honourable guest visiting the new arena in its opening year is Lady Gaga. Maybe not honourable in the way that she is living a perfect life, but honourable in the way that she is probably the most popular singer on planet earth today, maybe accompanied by Madonna (who will also come to Ziggo Dome in 2012). On September 17th at 19.30 the concert venue will for sure be packed to its uttermost limits and the crowd of more than 15,000 people will get to enjoy the concert of the year in Amsterdam. If you want to be there to check out Lady Gaga live in Amsterdam, you better hurry up and order your tickets as soon as possible.

If you use one of the links further down on the page you will be able to buy second-hand tickets for the Lady Gaga concert in Amsterdam, but not only for the concert in Amsterdam, but also tickets for the Lady Gaga concert around the world in 2012, for example in London and in Vienna.

Did you know that Lady Gaga was born in 1985, and she started her carrier in 2005? She turned into a superstar almost overnight, and the tour she is on in 2012 is named “Born This Way”.

Updated April 19th: There will be two concerts in Amsterdam. Lady GaGa will not only perform on April 17th, but also on April 18th in Ziggo Dome. Check it out, and grab hold of your tickets to the Lady GaGa concerts as soon as possible. We already know that several people have bough tickets from Seatwave, so if you are interested in being there at one of the concerts, hurry up!

Lady Gaga Amsterdam 2012
Ziggo Dome
September 17th&18th, 19.30

Tickets: – WorldTicketShop – Viagogo

The cheapest tickets to the Lady GaGa concerts in Amsterdam can be found if you visit either Viagogo or Seatwave… Good luck, and enjoy the concert!

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