Robbie Williams concert in Amsterdam

Robert Peter Williams was born in 1974 in England, Staffordshire County, in Burslem city, what is one of the six parts of Stoke-on-Trent. The little Robbie could see the enthusiasm of the entertainment world from his parents.

His father, Peter Williams is a comic by the name Pete Conway, he has worked in the entertainment for 30 years, but he has never become really famous. His mother, Jan Williams, she is the greatest fan of his son. Robbie’s parents divorced when the boy was three years old. The singer and the whole world could thank the success to Williams’ mother, who found the advertising in the newspaper, what searched for a man singer to a band. However Robbie dreamt about actor career, he became the member of the popular boy group, the Take That. He left the band in 1995, and he started solo career, what has more or less barriers, but it’s still successful.

The world heard a lot about Robbie and his drug and alcohol problems, but nowadays, he is a loving husband and father besides his wife, Ayda Field and common child, Theodora Rose.

If you are curious about the star in live, you don’t have to do other, but spend a week in the capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam, where Robbie Williams will give a hilarious concert at 13 July 2013 at the Amsterdam ArenA. Do not miss the biggest party of this summer in the city of the biggest parties, in Amsterdam! Have fun!

Robbie Williams concert
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The Who Amsterdam 2013

The cult music band of the 60s is back in business and during their European tour in 2013 they will also visit Amsterdam. We are talking about The Who!

Who doesn’t know the band; they were one of the greatest pioneers of the hard rock, they dynamic concerts were the predecessors of the stadium rock, so their live plays were always unforgettable. In their simple early ages they made the punk, in the later age they made the rock history’s first rock opera. Their song, the My Generation was the anthem of the youngsters of their time. Inter alia they concerted at the Woodstock festival in 1969. The band became more and more successful from the 60s, but after that a tragedy happened, one of the founder member, the drummer died. The band broke up after that in 1982. In 2004 the band’s last two members woke up the legend to give the chance to the younger generation to see the legend in live.

Those who visit Amsterdam at 5 July 2013 would be a part of time traveling at the Ziggo Dome, where The Who will concert. What other city could be more perfect to this program, like the capital of Party? After the sun goes down, the capital fills with life, and you could have the chance to taste the famous Holland beers and after that visit The Who’s concert. Do not miss this experience, let’s go to 60s!

The Who Amsterdam 2013

July 5th

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The Who Amsterdam 2013

Maroon 5 concert in Amsterdam 2013

Winter was very long in whole Europe, now there is no any trace of it. The sun is beautifully shining, people are smiling all the time because of the good weather and the temperature is already just like in summer. Finally everybody can put away the winter coats and wear shorts.

The sunny weather makes everybody smile, moreover summer is almost here in the calendar too, when youngsters finally escape from the school and adults spend more time outdoor too to enjoy the lovely, warm sunshine. The summer of 2013 welcomes everybody with great programs in whole Europe. In our following article we would like to serve more information about a famous band’s concert in the capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam. Which band is it? Of course the Adam Levine’s band, the Maroon 5.

The Maroon 5 is an American pop rock band from the famous Californian city, Los Angeles. The members are Adam Levine singer and rhyme guitarist, James Valentine solo guitarist and vocalist, Jesse Carmichael keyboarder, rhyme guitarist and vocalist, Michael Madden bass guitarist and Matt Flynn drummer. The band formed in 1995 as Kara’s Flowers, but the success just arrived after the name change. The band released an album in 2002 as Maroon 5, it was the Songs About Jane, and it brought the worldwide fame too. The band’s last album is the Overexposed, released in 2012, and after that the boys naturally started a worldwide tour.

During the tour the Maroon 5 will visit some European big cities, including the Dutch capital, Amsterdam too. Do not miss the Californian band’s hilarious concert at 3 July 2013 at the Ziggo Dome. Buy your ticket today! Have fun!

Maroon 5 concert

July 3rd

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Maroon 5 Amsterdam

Sensation White Amsterdam 2013

Sensation coming to Amsterdam again in 2013Less than a week after the Sensation White event in 2013 we have the joy of inviting you the Sensation White Amsterdam in 2013. It is going to be a giant party again where you can dance to the best tunes and rhytms, mixed together by the best djs available. Dress up in white, order your tickets and you can start looking forward to this already. The venue is the Amsterdam Arena, it starts at 21.00 and the date is July 6th…

Two months before the Sensation White event Justin Bieber comes to Arnhem, and maybe you would like to check out that event instead? Or maybe both? Tickets for the Sensation White event can be bought using the links further down on this page!

– For information about Sensation Amsterdam 2014, visit the following site.

Sensation White Amsterdam 2013
Amsterdam Arena
July 6th, 21.00

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