The Who Amsterdam 2013

The Who Amsterdam 2013

The cult music band of the 60s is back in business and during their European tour in 2013 they will also visit Amsterdam. We are talking about The Who!

Who doesn’t know the band; they were one of the greatest pioneers of the hard rock, they dynamic concerts were the predecessors of the stadium rock, so their live plays were always unforgettable. In their simple early ages they made the punk, in the later age they made the rock history’s first rock opera. Their song, the My Generation was the anthem of the youngsters of their time. Inter alia they concerted at the Woodstock festival in 1969. The band became more and more successful from the 60s, but after that a tragedy happened, one of the founder member, the drummer died. The band broke up after that in 1982. In 2004 the band’s last two members woke up the legend to give the chance to the younger generation to see the legend in live.

Those who visit Amsterdam at 5 July 2013 would be a part of time traveling at the Ziggo Dome, where The Who will concert. What other city could be more perfect to this program, like the capital of Party? After the sun goes down, the capital fills with life, and you could have the chance to taste the famous Holland beers and after that visit The Who’s concert. Do not miss this experience, let’s go to 60s!

The Who Amsterdam 2013

July 5th

Tickets: Viagogo

The Who Amsterdam 2013

2 thoughts on “The Who Amsterdam 2013

  1. Edvin Aftret says:

    Hi I am from Norway, and I am visiting amsterdam the 12-17 july. When I looked at this side it say that the who is having a concert at ziggidome the 15. july so I bought tickets for this concert. But today when I was going to print out my tickets, these tickets was for this concert the 5. july. This cause a loss of 300 euro for me…….I was really misled, and I am sad and disappointed …
    Edvin Aftret

  2. Amsterdam Guide says:

    Dear Edvin,

    really sorry about this. I am not sure what happened, if it all was a typo from our side, or if the actual concert dates were changed sometimes between the time we wrote the actual article and the time of the actual concert. However, at the Viagogo site you could easily see and discover our error, because there you could see a list of all their concerts and at what dates they were… However, sorry for the inconvenience and for having published an article with a wrong date in it.

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