Neil Young concert in Amsterdam 2013

I am sure that almost everybody knows the famous singer and guitarist, Neil Young’s name. The live legend from Canada, exactly from Toronto has written history, and he is one of the greatest musicians today too.

Neil Percival Young was born in 12 November 1945. His parents are Scott Young and Edna Ragland. His career started in the early 1960s. Between 1967 and 1968 he was a member of the famous Buffalo Springfield. From 1969 he played in the Crosby, Stills & Nash (and Young) band. He started his solo career in 1971. The name of his backing band is Crazy Horse. He wrote several top hits, for example the Down by the River, the Heart of Gold and the Old Man. The Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s last album released in 2012, and its title is Psychedelic Pills. After the new album of course there will be a worldwide tour, when Neil Young and his backing band will visit the biggest European cities, including the capital of Netherland, Amsterdam too.

Do not miss the Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s concert at 5 June 2013 at the Ziggo Dome, in Amsterdam. Make more unforgettable this summer with a living legend’s concert, moreover in a city where the culture and fun are together. Buy your ticket still today and have a great time!

Neil Young and Crazy Horse concert Amsterdam 2013

June 5th

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Neil Young Amsterdam koncert

Barbra Streisand concert in Amsterdam

Actually, Amsterdam is not the place, where you can find lauds of historical attractions, like in other European cities. Most people come here to recreation, because here you can always find some fun. Moreover in this summer Amsterdam will be one station of the famous American singer, Barbra Streisand’s concert tour.

Barbra Streisand was born in Brooklyn. His father died, when she was young. Her mother didn’t support her artist career, but it couldn’t hold back her neither. Today she is the best-selling female artist in whole America, and she is one of the few artists who won Oscar-Awards as a singer and an actress too. Besides the two Oscars, she won three Golden Globe Awards and more Grammy Awards too. Today she is one if the richest business woman and of course she is very successful too.

Do you want to hear a legend in live too? You definitely should visit the Dutch capital, Amsterdam in this summer, because you could see and hear Barbra Streisand’s concert at 6 June 2013 at the Ziggo Dome.

Imagine that you and your family, friends or partner walk on the narrow streets in Amsterdam. Walk across some of the lauds of bridges, which are across the canals. Admire the traditional and beautiful buildings. And the top of the holiday could be Barbra Streisand’s concert at 6 June 2013 at the Ziggo Dome! Have a great time!

Barbra Streisand concert
June 6th

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Barbra Streisand Amsterdam 2013

Muse concert Amsterdam 2013

I am sure everybody in the world knows the name of the famous English rock band, the Muse. The group from Devon is a very important part of the today modern rock music. They wrote very famous songs, for example the Supermassive Black Hole or the Starlight.

The group formed in the English county, Devon, in the city of Teignmouth. The members are Matthew Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard. Some people could hear the style of another popular band, the Radiohead on their songs. However the Radiohead had a big influence to the Muse, we can’t say they are the same. The Muse created their own style with fantastic guitar solos and special voice.

The Muse released their new album, the 2nd Law in 2012, and because of that they started a giant worldwide concert tour to celebrate. The 2nd Law Tour 2013 started at September 2012 and the end will be at September 2013. The band started the tour in the Great Britain and after that they visited European countries. Even so, the European fans could get ready for the Muse, because the band walks around Europe again, for example the capital of Netherland, the wonderful Amsterdam.

Do not miss this unforgettable early summer program. Just think about it; what could be a more perfect program to start this summer, than some amazing day in Amsterdam and a crazy Muse concert at 4 June 2013 in the Amsterdam Arena?

Have fun for it!

Muse Amsterdam 2013

June 4th
Amsterdam Arena

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Muse Amsterdam 2013

Bruce Springsteen Nijmegen 2013

Bruce Springsteen Concert in NijmegenIt’s here! It’s arrived! It’s 2013! We look ahead to a wonderful year, we don’t have neither a minute to boring. Netherlands has a fever because of the concert of a world famous star. Who is he? Bruce Springsteen.

Bruce Springsteen was born in New Jersey in 1949. He has started the rough road of music in 1965. He was very young, just 16 years old in this time. From that there was a hard fight for the success. He and his group, the E Street Band gave a fantastic album out which brought them the world fame in 1975. It was the Born to Run. Now, 37 years after the legendary album, Bruce Springsteen gives us, the world, a new fantastic album, the Wrecking Ball. The Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s 30th job deserves a world wide concert tour, and one of the lot of concert places is Netherlands.

The rock legends will arrive to the dutch country, entirely exactly to Nijmegen at 22 June 2013, and they will dazzle the whole dutch and foreigner public with their fantastic show. The concert’s start is 16.30 PM, 22 June 2013. Tickets are available since 4 December 2012. Hurry, if you would like to enjoy the show from the first line!

Don’t miss this wonderful experience, to make better and better this summer! Have a good time!

Bruce Springsteen Nijmegen 2013

Goffert Park
June 22nd, 16.30

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Rihanna concerts Amsterdam 2013

Rihanna will visit lots of European cities on her tour in 2013, and in most places she will only do one concert. But luckily for us she will do two concerts as she comes to Amsterdam. So, if you want to listen to Rihanna live in Amsterdam in 2013 you better come to town on either June 23rd or 24th to check it out. The concert venue for the Rihanna concerts will be the Ziggodome.

A good question is why the Rihanna concerts will be arranged there. In lots of other European cities the Rihanna concert will be arranged on large outdoor venues. In Paris Rihanna will perform at Stade de France, in London she will perform at Twickenham Stadium (twice) and in Dublin at Aviva Stadium. But, in Amsterdam the concerts are arranged in Ziggodome instead of the popular Amsterdam Arena. Who knows why, maybe some financial decision is what made it like that. Anyway, it will be two amazing events and we look forward to them and you are of course invited to be there. Tickets to the Rihanna concerts can be bought using the links beneath this text.

Rihanna Amsterdam 2013
June 23rd and June 24th

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Rihanna concerts in Amsterdam 2013
Rihanna concerts in Amsterdam 2013

Rod Stewart Amsterdam 2013

Rod Stewart concert AmsterdamDuring his tour in 2013 Rod Stewart will mostly do all his concerts in UK and Ireland. But, there are some exceptions and one of those is Amsterdam. We are really thankful for this so between his concert in Manchester and Birmingham Rod Stewart will do one stop in Amsterdam and another in Stockholm. After that he goes back to the UK to continue his tour there. But, if you are happy for the fact that Rod Stewart comes to Amsterdam you will be pleased to read that the concert date is June 12th in 2013 and the event is supposed to start at 20.00.

For a long time Heineken Music Hall was the number one concert venue in Amsterdam, but since the opening of the Ziggodome that has become the new leading concert venue and so Rod Stewart will also perform in Ziggodome as he comes to Amsterdam.

If you are one of many fans who would like to be there as Rod Stewart comes to town, then why not order your tickets online using of the links mentioned further down in the article. While in Amsterdam, why not enjoy a guided tour or some other cool activity as well to get to know the city better?

Rod Stewart Amsterdam 2013

June 12th, 20.00

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