Madonna Amsterdam 2012

Madonna Amsterdam
Madonna Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a very privileged city, because in 2012 Madonna will do two concerts in the city in the Ziggodome concert venue. The concert dates are July 7th and 8th so if you are a serious Madonna fan you can in fact see her two days in a row as she performs in Amsterdam. For tickets to the Madonna concert, you can check any of the links further down on this page. Do not miss out on this amazing and for sure great concert event in Amsterdam in 2012.

Considering the fact that Madonna was born in 1958, she is staying in very good shape, and she still dances as if she was twenty years old. Her real name is of course not Madonna, but she was born “Madonna Louise Ciccone” on August the 18th in 1958. You might have thought that Madonna is an American, but she has Italian roots, even though she was born in Michigan in the USA.

According the Guinness she is the most successful singer throughout history, so do not miss out on this chance to see her live in Amsterdam!

Madonna Amsterdam
July 7th and July 8th

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Christmas exhibition at the Rijksmuseum

If you would like to see magnificent wooden and painted Madonnas, then you better head of to the Rijksmuseum to check out the Christmas exhibition available until March 5th, 2012. At the exhibition you can see a picture from 1490 called “The Holy Kinship”, and besides this you can see many other wonderful paintings and wooden work. So, if you are still in the Christmas atmosphere, why not check out this exhibition?